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    hey guys im looking to learn some from you guys and here what you have to say. My mom and i own a our company, she started it in 1990 and i came to her last year with the idea that we should expand her business and make it family owned by her and i. Well after much talk we went for it and so far so good.We bought some bigger equipment, nothing like you guys have tho. Our stuff was bought used and its older, we have an 36'' bobcat, and a 52'' gravely. They both run great and we will see how they perform this summer. Currently we only have 20 or so cutting customers, so the need to buy newer or expensive equipment didnt come about yet.We bought a 2003 6x12 landscape trailer and i built wood sides for it. IM looking to learn some tips from this site and have been reading/lurking for the past 2 weeks or so. We are in the process of gettin signs for the truck and trailer and picking up some more customers. :usflag:

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    well welcome to lawnsite. if you plan on posting be sure to thicken your skin. the ppl here can be tougher than any customer so it actually is a good thing. this is a great site use it to your advantage and hope your new move is successful

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