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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LapTraffic, May 13, 2004.

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    Hi, I just registered and while I dont have a Lawn care company I figured the best information for taking care of my property would be from the people who do this professionally.

    I have 5 acres, 1 acre is irrigated lawn around the house, the rest is under development, ranging from recently leveled to heavily wooded.

    I'm really new to actually caring about how my lawn looks. I guess digging 2500 feet of ditch through rocky soil for your sprinkler lines will do that to a guy... Anyway< while I have the desire to make my lawn look nice I have almost no knowledge in how to do so.

    Last year I started getting brown patches, I thought my sprinklers weren't aligned right, I watered and adjusted and watered and watered some more.... I had mushrooms growing in direct sunlight in the middle of august and probably the healthiest crane fly breeding ground on record!

    Despite my best efforts my lawn survived.

    I buy most of my stuff from a local comercial supplier, Wilbur Ellis. Fertilizer, Weed and Feed Seed etc. The problem I am facing now is weed control and erradication.

    I have a ton of weeds in my lawn. Clover, dandilion, and meriad others that I dont know names for. Outside the lawn I have Scotch Broom, thistle, black berry etc (Western Washington)

    I spot sprayed the lawn and the border areas with Crossbow at a friends recommendation. I dont know of results yet.

    For total eradication in the gravel driveway I sprayed White distilled vinegar, again at a friends recommendation. Very satisfying results, though I fear they will be short lived.

    What I'm looking for is real advice. I want to kill the weeds in my lawn and I want to control the weed growth in the border areas and in my driveway.

    Is crossbow the way to go? will I need to reapply frequently? What won't it control?

    Thanks for your help, this looks like a great site.

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