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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by MWS LAWN, Sep 24, 2002.


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    Could anyone tell me what a 2000 model 1720 New Holland tractor with 50 hrs. on it is worth? It is a 2 wheel drive. Also has anyone had any time on one? How good will it handle snow, keep in mind I am in Va. so a good snow to us is 6 to 8 in., will the tractor handle it? It has 27 h.p. The tractor has a 5 ft. bushog, a 6 ft. snow blade and a 250 lb. cap. spreader going with it. It has been garaged keep. Can a loader be put on the front?
  2. stslawncare

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    i operated a 27 hp new holland about 2 years ago, it was about a year old at the time, no clue what model. it was very strong, and had no problems at all, i was pulling a york rake on a soon to be farm pasture, i was going up hills, digging deap and everything else. it was great. i would say it would have no problems at all,and yes it can have a front loader. might also consider a rear blade for doing snow in addition to the front blade??
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    I have a 4 wd 1720 with a loader. I would not even attempt using a loader on the 2 wd. The back end is light and the loader transfers some of that weight forward furthur reducing your traction. Ours is great in snow. We have a 6' box blade on the back and a 7' snow pusher on the front. Again, 4 wd will probably be more useful.
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    I agree with John for Ohio,Most if not all of the compacts are 4wd ,so they can handle the front end loader.It will handle the loader but ,you will need a rear mounted hoe,or a lot of counter weights if you want to lift anything heavier than mulch regularly.I have a 1910 4wd,its 32hp,but if it didnt have 4wd,it would be useless with the loader,everytime we load,we pull it in 4wd first,it makes that much difference.These tractors are meant for those who wont be needing loaders or use them for light lifting only.
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    Don't even consider a 2wd tractor. I had a 1320 Ford/New Holland and I never even took it out of 4WD except for mowing. The tractors are EXCELLENT!!! In my eyes you simply can't buy better than these. The 1720 is the best choice all around. Not too big, not too small. It will really suprise you what you can do with it. I wished several times I had gotten the 1720 instead of the 1320 for the extra power, weight and features. But at the time I was looking for smaller and I really liked the much shorter height I got from it with the shorty ag tires and the industrial/commercial tires as well.

    I sold the 1320 to my dad and he still uses it regularly. It hasn't been back to the dealer since it was bought and it's about 12 years old I think. I'll check the hours next time I'm up his way and let you know. They are ROCK SOLID MACHINES!!!

    By the way, the new ones are TC 30's just so you know
  6. John DiMartino

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    The 1920 and 2120 are a much better size tractors IMO, big enough to do work in a timely manner,and small enough to trailer with a 3/4 ton truck. you cant even rent implements for the 1320,and 1720,the rental places here all have implements for 30hp/3000lb minimum tractors.I have a 1910,and no way would i ever buy a smaller one.If i have the backhoe on my 1910 i do not ever need to use 4wd to load,but otherwise 4wd is needed a lot to load,especailly with turf tires.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well the 2120 is more like 4,000 Lbs. The TC 30 is a 30 HP. I haven't looked at them closely since all the changes so I'm not a 100% if it's the new version of the 1720 or 1920. I do know the TC 30 is one of the few compacts that are still of the same design.

    a man would have to get around a TC 35 probably to get in the 3,000 lb range. The TC 30 probably doesn't go much over 2000 from what I can tell at a glance. I wouldn't think the old 1910/1920 would be quite 3,000Lbs either though.

    As far as implements, what are we talking here? The 1320 uses 5 ft implements while the 1720 uses 6 ft stuff. I have amazed peolpe with the work I could do with the 1320. But I used it enough to know how to get every last drop of anything out of it. I pushed it too hard even. I really should have gotten the 1720.

    I just think the 1720 is the perfect size physically.

    All these tractors mentioned don't weigh enough and get enough traction to put all their brute force to work.
  8. John DiMartino

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    My 1910 is 5450lbs ready tow,with the loader,loaded tires,andwoods 750 hoe on it.4400 lbs with just the loader,and loaded rear tires,without the loaded tires,and front end loader it is still 3400lbs,the 1920 is 3300 without anything on it.I just know that I always wish mine as a little more powerful,especially when brush clearing,with the hog,pulling the gang mowers,and blowing leaves with the 3 pH blower.For backhoe and loading the hp isnt nearly as important.I have my loader relief valve turned up since my rear tires are loaded,this helps with lefting heavy things.

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