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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jch, Mar 19, 2007.

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    hello, I have 2002 ls180 with 750hrs. I do not have an owners manuel and need to check the hydro fluid. I know where to check but does the bucket need to be down (so all fluid is in resevoir) or up? And does the fluid level need to be in the crosshatch on stick or above crosshatch? And finally what fluid do I need to use???? Thanks very much for any help.
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    Someone should be better able to answer you on here than me but I have been around the New Holland skids some. Your bucket should be down all the way so the resevoir is full. As for what to fill it with on each brand is different. Some take the same oil as the engine does and some take a special oil just for them. Im betting the engine oil. If you use Rotella that is what I would use. I would call the local Case/New Holland dealer and ask to make sure because I would not want to tell ya wrong. Without seeing the stick the skid steer comes with I could not say for sure but most are to the top of the cross hatch. There should be a low and then an area that it is okay to run it in with the fullest being desired at the top of the hatch.
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    boom down, to the top of crosshatch , and 10w30 motor oil

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