New Holland Skid Steer + Sand + Tree = Stuck

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mottster, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. mottster

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    Yesterday at work my boss and I were trying to plant a 2" tree in the back yard of a HOA condo we mow. The whole back yard is accessed by stairs...or...along the sidewalk along the water with the sandy beach on the lower side. We figured we put the tree in the skid loader and just drive along that sidewalk and then lift it up and dump it in its nice little (hehe) hole.

    Well...I was in the bucket steadying the tree and my boss was goin along the sidewalk when it got to a point where there was a tree on one side and a light post on the other. DOH! So...we get off into the sand...make our way around the obstacle but when we attempt to get back up on the sidewalk.....we can' we try to back out....nope sir re...right side tires got burried about 3 feet into the sand and left tires about 1. High centered now so we call for help. Wait an hour for help to arrive and the next guy puts a 3x3 piece of plywood under each tire...hops in and backs right out once he gets traction on the wood....used the bucket to kinda push himself along. But now we had the tree halfway buried in the beach! put plywood over the sand and use a dolly and all 4 of us push that bad mother up the beach to the sidewalk.

    A 2 hour job turned into a 5 hour job in a matter of moments.

    i'm always gonna laugh at my boss now.
  2. BSDeality

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    they have beaches in kansas?! :D

    anyrate, being stuck sucks, no matter how big or small of a mess/pain in the arse to get it out
  3. deere ZTR

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    Most of the time you should be able to get out of just about anything with a little manuvering with a skid steer. I've climbed out of some really harry stuff before and with a back hoe too because then you have the hoe and the loader to move with.
  4. mottster

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    haha...i wish it was a real beach...its just a sand pit thats been flooded and all the sand is still up on the sides. the HOA is called "Sandpiper Bay".

    We were using the bucket but with the sand the bucket just kept sinking until we got some plywood for it to push on.
  5. little green guy

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    With all the rain we had last month here it was all sorts of fun trying to run any equipment. A couple weeks ago I was doing a grading job, had 170 tons of fill dirt to grade around a pool, no big deal. Well i had a skid steer and a backhoe there. I was gonna use the skid steer to move the dirt because it was kinda tight for a backhoe, but i needed the backhoe there to dig a drian. So I go to start moving the dirt, didn't even get a bucket full yet and the machine just sunk. The whole area was saturated but it didn't seem like it on the surface. The machine was just sitting there on the belly pan, no way it was gonna get itself out. So we spent an hour and a half pulling it out with the backhoe, we had to pull it 30 feet untill it was on ground solid enough to move. I ended up having to move all the dirt with the 4x4 580 backhoe, I even buried the front of that machine so that you couldn't see the front tires but that was easy enough to get out with the boom. I had ruts 2 feet deep and took twice as long as it was supposed to because it was so wet. The customer didn't want to wait for it to dry out though so he ended up paying double.
  6. NNJLandman

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    We get our fork lift stuck all the time at our Garden Center. Luckily we now have a Mustang Skidsteer on site to pull it out or we just use stone underneath the tires etc. I never go slow now i always floor it in and out so it doesn't get stuck heh. I know what you mean just moving pallets of stone around should take 10 mins get stuck 45 mins.

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