New Holland Skid Steer

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bushtrimmer, Dec 28, 2004.

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    Boom and bucket won't operate on skid steer. Have a new message on the EIC that says 'FOA'. What the @#%$ does that mean. The operators manual doesn't cover the codes. Dealer wants me to bring it in. Probably something minor. This is what happens when people unfamiliar with skid steer are using it. A lot of snow and ice really sucks on the equipment.

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    All the more reason why electronic crap should never be mixed with mechanical wonder. Good luck with the repair, I sure remember the days when a piece of equipment would go down and the threat of snow was looming near....
  3. Dig-it Landscaping

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    try to get a repair manual rather than an owners manual for it and that will hopefully give you the codes.
  4. xcopterdoc

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    check and clean all operator presence seat belt, seat switch, seat bar switches ect.
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    My loader is an '03 LS180--don't know what yours is, but the Owners Manual for mine on page 2-11 states that code is for the "HydraulicBoom/Bucket Solenoid". And for reference "F03 is Engine Preheat Relay Coil" and "F04 is Fuel Solenoid".

    At delivery my mechanic gave me an overview of what goes wrong and what to look for and how to fix. This is two years ago so my memory might be a little hazey---but the solenoid in question is easy to get to: it is under the metal cover that you step on when you get in the cab and covers the foot pedal loader valves. Look for a solenoid that is about 1-1/2"-2" tall, and about as much in diameter. It will (should) have 2 wires going to it. First, check to see that it is connected. If yes, then it may be bad (the mechanic showed me the part from another machine. It had a small pin about an 1/8" in diameter that is pulled out of the valve spool by the solenoid. The spring-loaded pin drops into the loader valve spool when ignition power is turned off. It can becosme broken if someone steps really hard on the pedals that could shear the pin.) The coil windings itself could be bad. Unplug it, and remove it. Apply 12V to it and check for operation. Inspect the pin for a rounded nose condition which is good. Also move it in/out---no motion or sticky, part is bad. If it appears to be broken then the rest of it is probably in the valve body--and that will have to taken apart or possibly removed with a pick or a magnet if you are lucky. Mechnaic said the spools can go bad too and they run about$1800 for a new one. Solenoids are about $25 or so.
    He said in an emergency you can install a pipe plug with the same threads in the hole temporarily and not use the solenoid (the solenoid is also connected to the RUN/SERVICE switch located to the right in the headliner/cab roof header.)

    Good luck--it's probably something simple.

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