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New Holland Skid Steers/Compact Track loaders.. Big boy skid steer shopping *part 4*


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Raleigh, NC
I now give you another topic from the adventures of Fat Boy, Shopping for a Skid Steer/CTL My question is at the bottom if you don't care to read the background info.

6'4 345
Looking a machine in the 80hp range +/- 10 or so

Lets review...

Takeuchis.. Love them. I fit comftorably. The seat bar fits though kinda snug. But the operators compartment is huge. UNFORTUNATLY, no high flow available. Max hydraulic HP is 31-37...

Bobcat T-series... snug cab, snug safety bar. Im just a little too big for this machine.

Case... No way in hell. Whoever designed these cabs could not have been any bigger than 5'8 130. You might as well have been craming my fat ass in a filing cabinet.

Cat.. Havent looked at them yet. But they don't appear to offer anymore cab and safety bar room than a Bobcat. If I am wrong, please correct me and I will check these machines out ASAP.

Now we come to New Holland.... Nice wide cab. No safety bar. Only down side is my height is the disadvantage. My head is only about an inch from the ceiling. Not a great feeling but am very comftorable otherwise.

Now on to my question. I would like to hear pros and cons of New Holland skid steers. Also if anybody has had any experience with the new LT track loaders, i would like to hear from you as well.... Im also having a hard time imagining foot pedals as bucket controls. Has anybody else had the same worry and found out they adapted very easily?

Thanks! :)


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Can't comment on the NH as I have no experience on that machine other than anecdotal...which is not good, but more a reflection of the limited service and poor warranty down here. What engine does that machine have?.

Thousands of people get by with the pedal controls everyday and love them. Me I hate them as my knees are not the best. The single biggest factor in buying my Cat was the pilot controls (joysticks). I have no problem in the Cat and I'm 6' 1" and 220, wouldn't want to be any bigger though.

Talk to your NH dealer, many manufacturer's have a pilot control mod that can be fitted so you can get away from the pedals. This makes a HUGE difference if you are struggling for room.


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had the NH 170 and got rid of it because I did not order hand controls. MY mistake. As far as room in the cab your a big boy and think your gonna have a tight fit in most skids. But to answer your question on the NH I'm looking at ordering another one a 180 with hand controls. Tried it and like it. Just trying to decide whether I want a new NH or a slightly used Cat both are about the same price for the same specs machine


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Raleigh, NC
Sounds like I may definatly consider the hand controls. In all my equipment running, single stick bucket controls is all I have ever used so even the hand controls that will come in the New Holland will be different. But Im sure I will adapt...

No doubt being my size freeing up more floor space will be nice too.


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Just to add another machine to your quest....have you looked at the ASV machines. I have a buddy here in Oregon that isn't quite as tall as you, but he pushes 290-300lbs. He currently owns an RC-100 and is pleased with the performance. It may be more hp than you're looking for, but I do know that they offer the same size machine, but in 85hp. I think it's non-turbo. He gets around 38gpm out of the high-flow, and it has hand controls that are identical to CAT's.

Dirty Water

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Redmond, WA
I've played around in a New Holland a bit. I'm really not a fan of the foot pedals for the bucket, but they are nice machines.

Personally, I think NH is a bit behind the times as far as skid steer design.


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Kaiser or Caribbean Breeze... since you and I think alike on this one, do either of you want to take up our replies and give some thoughts on this one?

Canon Landscaping

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If you like New Holland you will love a deere I own a new holland LS170 and it has been to hell and back and still works every day. I have used that machine to do just about everything a skid steer can do. But it is under powered drive motors are loud but it is one tough skid steer. I am about to purchase a new machine I have been demoing every brand and the deere is in the lead. The deere is designed like the NH but it has alot more power and is just an over all better design.


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Marysville, WA
My biggest gripe with Deere is visibility, they say it's the best but it's far from that. With the arms lowered you can't see the tires and then when you raise the arms to see the tires, you can't see out the front of the cab. Ridiculous design.

Stroker, Cat's joystick setup, as well as others with hand controls (with the exception of a few H-pattern setups), will be exactly like a backhoe/wheel loader control, right hand single stick bucket control.


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If you are going to lift things, they work great. If you are going to grade and excavate, they have no power, their hydro motors whine would be better served with sharp chedar, and the yankem sticks and bicycle pedals will kill your feet. Aside from that they are cumbersome, and way too freeken long for their own good. Lifting and planting trees, they are awesome. Digging they suck.