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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by 1bsman, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. 1bsman

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    I'm looking to purchase this Spring with a hydro trans and FEL. Any idea what dealer list is or how much the dealers move from list? Any purchase techniques that work well for you to get the best price? Also, is the Supersteer worth the expense or does it present more long term service troubles? My main use is for rough mowing and finish mowing. Eventually, it will be used for finish grading and raking. The FEL will get limited use and be off the machine usually.
  2. olderthandirt

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    CASH speaks the loudest :D
  3. Travis Followell

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    With the super steer the front axle is right under the very front of the tractor and I personally think it looks bad. Its just plain ugly IMO with the super steer. I've heard thats its really nice though, turns a whole lot sharper but I rpobibly wouldn't spend the extra money to get it but thats just me. I don't have any idea what they cost. Hope that helps.
  4. 1bsman

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    OTD, cash? Sorry, too expensive. I was thinking strong-arming and intimidation. :gunsfirin
    Travis, I agree the SS looks odd. My real concern is if its durable. With all the torque and more moving parts, I question if it will stand the test of time. I really don't expect a straight answer from a salesperson. If I go to NH, they'll tell me its great. If I go to JD, they'll tell me its mediocre. I figure the truth is probably best heard from those with SS experience.
  5. lamarbur

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    A friend of mine owned two super steer NH's. He said in both machines, with a full load in the front loader, one had to be careful raising to dump. especially if you had to turn machine a little in the process of dumping, even if the SS was not activated.. Only common sense I would think. Other than this with the front end loader, he swore by the SS in more ways than one... I don't believe I heard him say anything about warranty claims or anything unusual. He doesn't baby his machinery at all and works them hard. I happen to have a Kubota L48TLB which is what I have to meet in my needs. He works his new TN75D cab model with me on ocassion, and that also, he runs hard and only had one issue. The mechanic was re-welding his bucket while the machine was idling away. Turned the machine off and it wouldn't run again. The dealer had to replace one computer as while being welded and not disconnecting the battery, it fried the computer... So, not really an issue one more of not knowing at the time...
  6. greenngrow

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    This a topic I really know something about......

    I have owned a TC33D for about 5 years.... The most recent one for 4 years..
    It has 1004 hours on it.... NO Problems with the Super Steer.... I really like this feature... It doesn't have a on and off switch. It is a full time feature. Yes you have to be careful when you are lifting with loader but that is that way with any front end loader.... :) I also have a TC35 it is a gear tractor....
    IT is used for grading with power rake... and the TC33 is used for power seeding and it a great tractor around tight areas.... payup
  7. greenngrow

    greenngrow LawnSite Senior Member
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    The only problem I had had with the TC33D is the Tilt and telescoping steering wheel...

    The steering wheel doesn't tilt any more the cylinder is busted and is now out of warranty and the damn thing cost 150.00 to replace.... :angry:
  8. 1bsman

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    Thanks for the posts. Greenngrow, have you found any limitations for grading purposes? Does the hydro give adequate 3pt and pulling power? Example, harley or tiller. It seems you would be more likely to use the TC35, but how would the 33 do? I don't want to move up in frame size and have been pleased always with NH quality.
  9. greenngrow

    greenngrow LawnSite Senior Member
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    IMO you are limited when you are using a implement such as a power rake.

    Not because of the power, but the Hydro transmission. You just don't have the slippage with a gear tractor. The TC35 that I have has gear and a shuttle shift tranny. It works out better. I started with the TC33 but found that the hydro tranny wanted to slip and I had to go over the area more with the tractor. The power rake will bog down

    The only problem is I think you can only get the Super Steer in a Hydro model...?????

    Believe it or not.... Even though the TC35 is on a larger frame... The weight of of it is almost the same as the TC33D. Because of the extra weight of the SS....
  10. kingenterprises

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    I've had a tc35, and traded up to a tc55. Neither machine had the super steer. I made a decision not to get the super steer because it reduces the lifting capacity of the front end loader. That tells me the machinery in the SS is not as sturdy as the standard machine.

    The front end loader is invaluable and used often. If you think you won't use it you're just mistaken. You'll find many uses for the loader, and trust me. You'll over load it b/c it is just a given. I thought I'd have the loader off my machine most of the time. Truth is I've never taken the FEL off and really don't have need to remove it. Heck I use it almost every time I use the tractor.

    I had no use for the super steer, did not want to lose the lifting capacity of the front end loader.

    Either way, you'll enjoy your tractor. It is a release for men to work the earth on a machine like that. Great choice either way.


    :) :)

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