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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by T.Wells, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. T.Wells

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    I am looking into buying a pressure washer and it appears that this topic has not been brought up in this forum for a couple of years. All the talk in the PowerWashing forum is about more expensive commercial grades units so I wanted to ask here for recommendations.

    I will only be using the PW for typical homeowner cleaning (e.g. driveway, composite decking (1000 sq ft), sidewalks and perhaps my house itself someday).

    Therefore, IMO, I was looking into some middle of the road PW units in terms of feature and pricing. For example, here is what I have been looking at recently:

    DeWalt DPH3100 at $699

    DeWalt DPD3100 at $599

    Craftsman 3000 MAX PSI / 2.7 MAX GPM Pressure Washer- Ca Model at $399

    Craftsman 3000 PSI, 2.8 GPM Honda Powered Pressure Washer at $699

    I am asking for your feedback and recommendations.

    Thanks for your help,
  2. White Gardens

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    If you want to go a little cheaper, then you might want to go down a notch and get an electric power washer.

    I've used one before to do the siding on my house and it worked out well. I was surprised as to how well it worked being electric and not gas powered.
  3. T.Wells

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    from PA
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    I have actually used an electric model on my driveway and it took way too long for me to complete the job. After that experience, I knew I needed a gas powered machine. FWIW, my driveway is about 200' long ...

    Thanks for the feedback and keep them coming ...

  4. CCPC

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    Have you considered going to Craigslist or other places where you can buy used equipment to see if you can find a nice, gently used pressure washer?

    You could probably find a really nice used 4gpm 3500 psi machine for less than the 500-600 dollars you will spend on the machines you have listed.

    Or, if you still want something smaller than that, check out Craigslist for a used pressure washer like the ones you are trying to buy new. you can probably find one for 100-200 dollars that would suit you just fine for homeowner do-it-yourself uses.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would not spend that much money on machines like that. Better off buying a good used one for the same price, or cheaper.
  5. ksJoe

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    Someone posted about getting a slightly used commercial one for 5 to 7 hundred (instead of the 2500 it was new). If you can find a deal like that, it would probably be better.

    Dad used to have an equipment rental yard, and consumed those cheap washers. The pumps would go bad on them LONG before the engine would wear out. And unfortunately, the engines usually had short tapered shafts on them so we couldn't reuse them on something else.
  6. Wizz

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    Just going through this myself don't skimp out on a washer...I have a 13hp 4gpm 3750psi DeWalt and would not want anything smaller around the house for any type of concrete clean-up....for vinyl you can get away with much less, but not for any type of concrete. Be careful on used ones...pressure washers are one of the things many homeowners misuse the most, I've seen many burn up pumps by turning off the water before turning off the washer....or by turning on the washer before turning on the water, then they would call the washer junk when they actually broke it by not knowing how to operate it...just takes once to trash the pump. But you can find deals at auctions, etc...just test it out very well first. Best of luck.
  7. chrisexv6

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    I would avoid the two DeWalt models, just based on principle. I bought the first one listed, the display model at HD had a cat pump but in reality DeWalt had switched to a Taiwan-ese cheapo pump (where you see the black plastic cover in the pic). Without the CAT pump the DeWalt pressure washers arent worth nearly the 600.00 price. Luckily I was able to swap mine for one that *did* have a CAT pump.

    If I did it again, I think the minimum I would look at would be a 9 or 13HP commercial Honda, with a CAT or General pump (I lean towards the CAT pump because I like the one I have, but it seems the higher HP engines are usually paired up with General pumps, no idea why)

    The pump is the most important piece, as the engines will last a very very long time if maintained (even "cheap" engines like Briggs/Tec). So it will come down to a good quality pump that parts are easily available for.
  8. DJL50

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    I purchased a Troy Built from lowes. 2550 psi. $279. Works well for my needs just like what you are looking for.
    Like the other post said don't get hung up on the engine or HP. The pump will give out long before the engine will. The Cheaper units -$400 pumps are only rated for 40 hours. For home use 40 hrs is a long time. I use it for about 3-4 hours each spring and fall. Not like a mower that gets used every week. The more expensive units around $1,000 have much better Cat pumps.

  9. T.Wells

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    I wanted to thank everyone for their replies and their advice. I also wanted to let everyone know what I decided on doing.

    I got a 10% off coupon for Sears a few weeks back and purchased the $399 Honda powered Craftsman unit (3000 PSI model).

    I decided to throw more money into my mower upgrade this year as I am replacing my Cub Cadet RZT50. Since I mow way, way more then I will pressure wash, I am planning to purchase a commercial grade ZTR this year.

    In fact, I may pull the trigger on a leftover 2008 Exmark Lazer Z today (60" with 26HP Kohler).

    Thanks again,
  10. BSI

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    how do you like the Craftsman pressure washer?...I'm looking at purchasing that one also


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