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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lawnMaster5000, Oct 31, 2001.

  1. lawnMaster5000

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    I just had to purchase a new honda 20HP (GXV 620) b/c my old one quit.

    - on the old engine (GXV 620 w/ 300 hours) they dealer claims that i was running low oil and didnt take care of the filter. Well i would argue with both of those, but whatever. They said i should be running the engine with over full oil (thought that was bad) and that my filter was too old, pretty new, but cant argue with the fact dirt was getting through)

    What i am wondering though, is should i purchase an aftermarket air filter and the amsoil oil filter system for the new engine. Both of these things would be cheaper than another new engine. but would they really benifit me at all. and if so where is a good place to get aftermarket air filters.

    PS honda just redesigned the filter b/c it was a poor design and air was getting past filter element. (could this qualify me for warantee claim?)

    thanks for any help
  2. 65hoss

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    I would be fighting this one with all I had. The honda as a low oil alert on it. Why didn't it go off if the motor was not getting enough oil?
  3. lawnMaster5000

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    well i thought the same thing, but then they started in with the whole air filter thing, even tho there shouldnt be any of the air getting into the crankcase to make the bering go bad, should there be?

    anyone else think i should pursue this, i really dont think my dealer would screw me.
  4. Richard Martin

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    LawnMaster5000 wrote:
    What i am wondering though, is should i purchase an aftermarket air filter and the amsoil oil filter system for the new engine. Both of these things would be cheaper than another new engine. but would they really benifit me at all. and if so where is a good place to get aftermarket air filters.

    Adding a Amsoil bypass filter certainly wouldn't hurt anything. There has been some questions asked as to whether or not the Honda engine has enough oil pressure to push oil through the Amsoil bypass filter. If nothing else you can always remove the bypass filter and replace it with either a Amsoil, Mobil 1 or Purolator Pure 1 filter which filter smaller particles better than any other filters on the market. While you're plumbing the bypass filter in you can also add a engine oil cooler.

    I have no idea where you can get an aftermarket air cleaner assembly. You could try getting the new improved assembly from Honda.

    If you need help figuring any of this out just let me know.
  5. Bill Kapaun

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    I don't quite understand what they mean by stating that you should run it over full on oil. The whole reason behind the full mark on the dipstick is obvious.
    Are you checking the oil level properly? On the Hondas that I'm aware of, you remove the dipstick, wipe and then push it back in without screwing it down. Withdraw and read the level. If you screw it all the way in, it will read higher than it really is by the amount of threads. That's about 3/16" or so.
    If they have a known defective air clener, then they should eat the repair cost.
    Have you called the regional Honda office? Their phone# should be in the back pages of the owners manual.
  6. khouse

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    I would persue it to the end. If you can't get it done at the dealer then find his distributor. Then call Honda USA directly. You buy from a dealer so he will stand by you. He should call Honda himself and see what they will do for you. That's part of his job. I don't think it is his call. Now if he said he talked to Honda and said there was nothing he could do then he has done you right. Get his Honda's rep's name and verify. All this can be done in a professional manor.

    Squeeky wheel always gets the grease....
  7. ArboristSite

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    When I was a dealer, Honda was by far the easiest to work with on warranty. I think the dealer made the call himself and didnt call honda. I used to get things passed through 2 years out of warranty (not that it always happened). If I thought it should never have happened I would have called. Honda's are a very tolerant engine, this, without looking at it, is BS. I have seen some pretty poor maintenence and never saw a Honda die after 300hours. I used to see them run them with no air filter. Not just a dirty one. Kick the dealer in gear. This used to be the main way for me to get more business. I used to take a dealers turn down, into a repair for the new customer on manufactures expense. They not only bought more of that product, but bought more from me. This is also why its in Honda's best interest also. They keep you buying. Good Luck.
  8. justractors

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    Honda reliability and service has really taken a nose dive in this area also.
    A friend and customer of mine has went through two Honda 20 hp horizontal engines in less than 4 months and the dealer has refused to stand behind either of them.
    He uses the engine in a metal scrap yard to run a generator that powers the electromagnet on his crane. The engine only powers the magnet and another 4 cylinder automotive engine runs the hydraulics.
    In both engines the number one cylinder lost compression and the dealer has not figured out why. Warren bought the second engine when the first went down because the machine is very vitak to his operation. The dealer did furnish Warren a used Kohler to use while he figures out the problem with the Hondas and that was over 2 months ago.
    The engine sets about 6 feet off the ground out in the open except for a rain shiel.
    The original Honda on it was an 18 hp and had over 2500 hours on it before Warren replaced it after it broke a rod.
    The engines do run 8 to 10 hours a day six days a week and he does maintain them well.
  9. Fine Lines Lawn

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    Fight it to the end Scott. You're young, and I think the dealer is taking advantage of that. Go in there and be a "grumpy old man".
    As was mentioned before, I think the dealer made that call without notifying Honda. I think Honda will take care of you.
  10. ArboristSite

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    Wow, this is really terrible to see. These dealers sitting on their tails. Even worse seeing these Honda 20hp engines having problems. I bet we will see a service bulletin sooner or later. Their engines arent known for this. Their service usually doesnt either. I would say Honda service first, is as good as the dealers service. Dealers always complain about no making enough money. Why should they get more when this stuff happens. I know it would hurt guys like me, when I was in it. But I never complained I knew how to make money. It isnt in selling lawnmowers or engines. You still have to help when help is needed. Stop working with the dealer and get a hold of Honda direct. I think the grass may be greener on the other side. Good Luck.

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