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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McCarty'sLawncare, May 6, 2007.

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    Hey all hope everybody is excited about summer starting where the money will be rolling in. I got another good one for all of you. I have mentioned this before I purchased a Honda HRC216HXA around 6 months ago. It is the only mower I use in my buisness. I do around 35 jobs a week big and small mostly St. Augustine with very thick turf. I took it down to the shop wanted to buy a new blade for it. Mechanic comes out saying my engine rpm's are at 3200 rpm's and if he raised the rpm's to 3600 rpm's it would show its true power. Ever since this has happened the mower performance was awesome it even cut better. Couple days later every single time from low idle and when I move the throttle to fast the engine chuggles rough. Like it wants to stall or running out of gas. When I get it on high idle 3600 rpm's it will not hold a steady rpm. For example its like mowing your yard and you keep choking the engine on a hot day off and on. I'm thinking it might be my spark plug but Im a little worried maybe that 3600 rpm's wasnt such a good idea? The mower has atleast 50-60 hrs on it. I use straight 30. Thanks all

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    I wouldn't have messed with Honda's factory settings. The extra stress on the motor might have blown a gasket or god knows what else. The reason those motors last so long and are so reliable is because they aren't pushed at all on stock settings. It is a lawn mower not a racecar....I'd get it checked out to prevent even more damage, and return it back to stock. Just my two cents.......
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    I wouldn't have messed with it either.Years ago,I use to bend the spring on the governer on 11 HP GiantVac blowers.Thet did make more power for sure,but,not for very long before the motors blew.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    The mechanic F-ed up on the adjustment and got it out of whack.
    Take it back and have him fix it.

    That or water in the tank/lines/filters is all I know that causes this.

    But I'm about 100% sure the guy just didn't get his adjustment right.
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    I'll be the odd man out on this. The new Honda's (micro's) have to run at a higher rpm which if I am not correct is 3600. There was a guy that wrote a lot more about it in a thread a while back. (Bill, 6'6" 330) I was having issues with mine having a decent vacuum in wet spring grass. It wanted to drop clumps all the time and would stick under the deck quite a bit. The higher rpm's helped it but did not cure it. This particular Honda engine is rated for 5.5 bhp at 3600 rpm (this is maximum horsepower) this is straight out of the owners manual. It can actually run slightly higher according to my dealer but I wouldn't recommend it.
    Your issue sounds familiar, I have had that a couple of times and here is a few things you may want to try that are simple, quick and don't cost much.
    1. turn the gas off and drain the bowl. you may have some impurities in the fuel or the fuel line.

    2. also try a brand new plug.

    3. make sure your air filter is clean!

    if after these two you seem to still be having issues take it in because it may be deeper in your fuel line. I have had it happen a few times, every time it has been one of those two. good luck.

  6. saw man

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    Check the air filter.

    I hate to break it to some of you but Honda does NOT reccomened this engine to be ran at 3600 RPM. Your dealer may say it is OK but I have talked to many Techs. at Honda and they have all said to run it around 3200 RPM and not to go above 3300 RPM.

    The engine may be able to handle it but if someone says it is recomended by Honda then they dont know!
  7. DFW Area Landscaper

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    ++++Honda does NOT reccomened this engine to be ran at 3600 RPM. Your dealer may say it is OK but I have talked to many Techs. at Honda and they have all said to run it around 3200 RPM and not to go above 3300 RPM.++++

    How in the heck did you get through to someone at Honda that knows what they're doing???? I have called the Honda Outdoor Power Equipment customer service desk on several occassions, talked to both groups, Georgia and Cali, and no one knows a thing about this machine. They are totally clueless.

    As for increasing the RPM's...VERY bad idea. Any time we bring in a worker who has experience with Toro mowers, they are displeased with the ground speed of the Honda. It never fails, they start messing with the carbs in attempt to increase engine speed and get faster ground speed. When they do this, the tell-tell sign is that they'll come in with muffler that is rusted off from the engine running too hot. Once that happens, I have not been able to get the engine to run good again. They will run ok, but when I send them back out into production, they always come back with complaints of the machine being too slow.

    I have since coated all my carb adjusting screws with nail polish. If any of my workers so much as touch my carbs, crap will hit the fan. I will go nuts if they start playing with my carbs. I have no tolerance for all.

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    check to see if its going into partial choke mode . this can happen if the trottle adjustment was set wrong .
  9. jsf343

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    I guess the owners manual is wrong then. You will want to check page 68 under maximum horsepower settings. Maybe you mis understood what I was saying, NOT for idle. (it is 1700) And I also said it was not a good idea to go above that, re-read the post maybe you misunderstood what I was trying to say.
  10. saw man

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    My last post was deleted for some reason. I fix these machines daily, I talk to Honda Techs a lot as well as regional srevice managers. I dont care what the book says, I am telling you what Honda Techs say as well as regional service managers!

    Briggs and Tecumseh also stated engine HP at 3600+ RPM, doesnt mean it was the best rating for the engine and life span. Do what you want with your mower, I dont care, I am only telling you what I have heard from the manufacture!

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