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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Hostavalley, Dec 3, 2004.

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    Hello Lawn Friends,

    Thanks for your kind mail you send last few weeks to me.

    Today I have placed many new Hosta pictures on my website
    ( ) including a new

    "Hosta of the week" (Hosta 'Doctor Fu Manchu').

    You'll find over 50 Hosta of the week items (pictures and description) in the archives.
    There are pictures from Katsuragawa Beni, Magic Fire, Popcorn, Surprised by Joy, Harry van de Laar, Uzo-No-Mai, Eleanor Lachman, Gilt by Association and more.

    I also put several new Hostapictures (Purple Boots, Invincible Spirit and more) in my red petiole site.
    At this moment there are more than 100 Hostapictures on my website

    I Hope these Hostapictures will get you through the dark winter evenings.
    If you like them, please let me know……

    Groeten Jeroen linneman

  2. Hostavalley

    Hostavalley LawnSite Member
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    Dear Lawn Friends,

    Due to computerfailure, I haven't been able to send e-mails and to update my Hostavalley website over the last five weeks, for which I apologize. Fortunately, I'm now on ADSL, which enables me to update the website with new pictures and the latest Hostanews. I'll also be able to reply to your e-mails again. I will answer your question about pictures soon.

    Please be assured that as from this week, I'll have my Hostavalley website updated twice a week again.

    You'll now find a number of new pictures, amongst others 'Guardian Angel, 'Amime Tachi', flame Stitch, Moonlight, Harry van der Laar and more new European Hostas.

    Last but not least, I'd like to thank your for the appreciation you showed in your e-mails.

    Kind Regards,

    Jeroen Linneman


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