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    Hello Lawn fans,

    Summer's almost over, and evenings are getting shorter. The next
    months you'll find new Hosta picture updates on a regular bases on my
    Hostavalley website ( ) . The first update of this autumn, you'll find
    today. You'll find pictures of Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Miss Linda
    Smith, Hanky Panky, Steve Moldovan, Paradise Sandstorm and more………

    One of the main topics in the next month will be picture updates of
    the Cleveland Convention of last summer.

    This month, I'll put one new update of "Hosta of the day"on my on a
    daily bases, with description & pictures.

    I hope you like them as much as I do.


    jeroen Linneman
    (I'm not selling hosta's. Just show them to you...)

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