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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by kariboo, May 19, 2007.

  1. kariboo

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    We just moved into a new house. The house has a nice lawn in the front but in the back yard it apears that nothing was done after the final grade and large amounts of grass and mics weeds have sprung up over the last 3 years. We would like to do the work our selfs but dont know were to start. Can we use one of the powered bobcat landscape rakes and just scrape all of the grasses and what not off the top put down some top soil level it up and seed? Or do we have to do something else any help we can get from here would be greatly appreciated.
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    Spray it all w/ Round-up. Once dead, mow & bag really short. Verticut, aerate, & over-seed. Keep ground moist until seed has germinated & grass has grown to normal cutting height. Don't stop watering though. Many people do this & then it all dies because of stress.
  3. kariboo

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    Great thanks for the advice :) But I have one more question regarding the roundup. What is the best way to apply it to such a large area about 15000 Sq ft and after i kill off everything using roundup will i be able to plant grass in the soil or will I have to bring in lots of top soil because the original soil is saturated with roundup??? Thanks again.
  4. Adenn1

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    I renovated my side yard last fall using Roundup. I believe the bottle notes not to use a hose end spayer. This would be quicker...but you have a greater risk of drift and killing stuff you don't want to. I did about 8000sq ft with a two gallon pump sprayer. Took some time...but you can control where you put the Roundup. I sprayed the lawn and then waited two weeks for missed areas or anything that grew back. I was trying to kill off creeping bent grass...and some came back. I applied a second application and waited another week to make sure everything was dead.

    I then rented an aerator and made two passes in the lawn at 45 degree angles. I waited a couple of days for the plugs to dry out and then rented a slice seeder and made two passes...using half of the recommend seed rate. I applied starter fertilizer and watered three times a day for the next two to three weeks--each watering was about ten minutes...just to keep things moist.

    Below is a picture of the lawn at about one month. I spent the money and bought good seed...went to Lesco and used a mixture of perennial rye and turf-type tall fescue. If you are going to spend the time and effort to do this yourself...spend the money and get the best seed available.

  5. pshields

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    Adenn1's advice is dead on. The dead grass will actually help you. It holds the soil together so if it rains you will not have a lot of washing. Roundup has no soil activity so there is no problem. Make sure your grass and weeds are not under stress before spraying with roundup. Some people even suggest fertilizing with Miracle Grow a couple of days before using the Round-up. I agree with others, make sure you buy good seed.
  6. kariboo

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    Great advice but mabey I should clear some things up real quick lol. The grass and weeds I mentioned are about 2-3 ft tall should I cut these after I round up or befor and what should I do with all of the mulch when I do cut it?? What A mess we got our selfs into LOL we realy want to have someone come in and do this for us but every estimate we have recieved so far has been in the .75 a sq ft range and we dont have an extra 10 grand to dish out right now so we are stuck with this job... I'll try to post some pics of what we are dealing with IF I can figure out how.
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    Round-up works best when sprayed on green foliage if they are that tall you can wack them down to 6" or so then spray.What do you mean mulch You bag it up and put it out by the trash or take it to the dump. After you have cut it all back, dig the biggest weeds out with a shovel and remove them, then spray the whole thing.
    Wait a week then spray again and make sure you wet all the foliage with it. Then when it is dead cut it as short as possible and remove the debris. I myself think that a lawn that has gotten to that point is useless dead or alive so If it were MY lawn I would dig out as much as I could before going any further.
    You can do what the guy did above but I think your situation is much worse that he had.
    So, remove as much as you can, then call around and see who can deliver you some good quality topsoil. Figure out how much you need and have them deliver it . Then wheel barrrow it back there dump it and rake it out as you go.
    Then grade rake it to drain, roll it with a water barrel roller and spread your seed. Cover with a good commercial topper and keep it moist.
    I think it is a little late in the season to seed now. You should to the prep work this summer and seed in fall.

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