New HPS on order.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawn king, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Subaru engines are also reasonably priced for the equivalent engine. Sometimes I feel like I am paying for the Honda name only not the Japan quality. Subaru is still made in Japan. Honda is not.
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    LK check on the gas tank size, mine came with a 28 oz. Gas tank, it would run for about 40 minutes. I had no support from manufacturer , so i was able to get a 1 gallon tank off a tecumseh snow blower in a junk yard and bolt that up, it goes most of the day now.

    Also, the motor is not a commercial duty unit . It is a cheap homeowner grade motor, good news is the replacement is less $200 when needed. Mine was replaced under warranty.
    The subaru is set to run at 3600-3700 rpm where as the older kawi was set at 3200 rpms, the new unit is a bit quicker.
    They increased the stops for the art. Mechansim,
    so it does not turn nearly as tight as the older units, that is
    the biggest difference when operating
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    I did sea trials of this machine yesterday (15 acre cemetery). The machine performed great. The subuaru has great torque in high range for fertilizing up steepe grades and holding speed. I use these hps machines for cemetery programs, that are almost all dry chemical. I have multiple options for spreading/spraying, (2 kubota's) A big L model and a small B model both set up to spread and spray, as well as a cub cadet xp.

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