New Husquvana Hydro Walk Behinds 48" & 36"..starting at $2700..Cheap!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by joe2106, Mar 12, 2012.

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    I have a brand new 2011 Husqvarna 48" hydro walk behind for sale. The model is a WH4817.

    17hp Kawasaki Engine.

    Here is a link to Husqvarna's website. They sell for $5200 normally, but I will take $3200 obo.

    The deal is that Husqvarna was made where I am located and I bought 2 of these walk behinds on auction when they closed. I also have a brand new 36 as well. This is a NEW machine. I have pry ran it 1/2 an hour or so just to check everything out. It runs perfectly.

    $3200 obo....but any decent offer takes it. I would be willing to help in shipping or deliver part way for a price. The 36" machine is $2700 obo. 16hp.

    Pics are on my previous post, but I did attach one dusty pic of the 36" is new, but I am still missing the 2 pulley covers. The center one is on now.
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    Joe looks like Husqy no longer makes the 36 is that correct?
  3. joe2106

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    I think you are correct. It looks like they just make it in a belt now.

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