NEW Husqvarna 327ls trimmer

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by castlerockmo, Aug 6, 2010.

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    Monday wasnt a good day.

    To start the day I was on my way to Mow when a lady pulling out of a gas station merged into the side of my trailer. It knocked my old husqvarna 326ldx split staft trimmer of the trimmer rack, and bouncing down the road people are dodging it. well the trimmers were all fine the one that came off started right up like it always does. but she comes over and tell me she has no insurance, I want to slap her. well what she said she would pay for the trailer to get fixed-well see(tire,wheel, axel, and fender)!

    So later on in the day a new kid working for me uses my newest 326ls that I bought in the fall! well we get ready for lunch and i just left the mowers at the resort under a couple trees. As I went by the trailer i could see all three trimmers were on the rack, its real simple to get them on there. well we get to where were going to eat, and I look out the window and my trimmer is gone! I WAS SO MAD! But oh well, I think I should have stayed in bed on monday I had other things go wrong on top of it, but then the house may have burnt to the ground.

    THE TRIMMER:cool2:

    If you like the 326ls you will love the 327ls. Same powerhead I believe, it quiet, but the best part is the new handle. On my new 326ls ( the one that is now lost) had the anti-vibe handle on the shaft( the D-ring like handdle). But this one has a new annti-vibe throttle handle, its totally isolated from the powerhead and shaft. you can hardley feel thing running. Its has a paper air filter instead of the foam. I really like it!

    dixon grizzly n kodiak stripes 028.jpg

    dixon grizzly n kodiak stripes 029.jpg

    dixon grizzly n kodiak stripes 030.jpg
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    Husq. trimmers are nice. I bet that handle is awesome.

    Somebody hit my trailer last fall and it shows up on your vehicle Carfax report as a crash if you filed a police report. I just found that out when I went to trade in my Tundra.
  3. castlerockmo

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    Really, that sucks! Oh well I'm hoping to get of the truck(6.0). It is a nice trimmer! So are the 326ls and the 223l isn't bad either.
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    Very nice trimmer,im likin it.

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