New Husqvarna PZ Commercial Midmount Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimQ, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. whiffyspark

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    They do
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  2. naveslawncare

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    I read most of the pages and never really seen the answer that Im looking for. How does a PZ60 do on hills compared to a Turf Tiger?
  3. StanWilhite

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    I think that most experienced operators would agree that variables such as tire pressure (for instance) along with the operators skill level, have more to do with how a particular machine performs in different situations (such as holding hills) than the minor details that are sometimes the only things that are considered (such as one machine being an inch or two shorter or wider than another machine).

    Bottom line.....a really good operator can do a much better job with a mediocre machine than a bad operator can do with a great machine.

    Another very important thing to remember is the fact that there is very rarely a chance to do an accurate A/B comparison. How many times will an operator have the 2 machines that he wants to compare at the same time on the same property operating under the exact conditions? Never maybe? :)

    I think that's why you aren't getting more replies to your's just hard to accurately compare.
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  4. ashgrove landscaping

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    I'm wondering why the pz 60 is priced the same as all the rest of the companies out there. I thought Husqvarna was lower priced and trying to gain market share. My dealer just quoted me $10,700. I can buy a 2014 scag cheetah with the same engine right now for $10100 and probably talk him down from that. That was just a phone call quote and he was just reading the advertised tag dangling off the machine. This PZ mower may be a great machine but certainly not as proven as scag and not any less expensive, actually more expensive!
  5. weaver

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    I think it just depends on where you live.. location. but I agree if those two are Side by side same price. . I'd take the Scag as well. .
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  6. drennon99

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    I just purchased a PZ60 last week with a 25.5 HP Kawasaki and this thing is a beast! My 1st zero turn and I'm loving it so far! I originally went to look at a Scag Tiger Cat and a Hustler X-One but after comparing these 3 mowers side by side In "MY OWN" personal opinion the Husqvarna was the better build machine and the cast iron spindles were huge compared to the others and the frame seemed heavier duty not to mention the suspension seat is awesome! I do wish it had a gas gauge but that's not a biggy!
  7. 360lawncare

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    Husqvarna is making some real nice machines.. Give them time i am starting to see more and more on the back of trailers.. If you compare you get more machine for the money in my opinion..
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  8. TWerner

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    Husky does make nice machines. The Snapper Pro line is still a far better buy near me, but the Big Husqvarnas look great.
  9. superdave592

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    gotta s200xt 28 hp van guard 61 cut and love it
  10. 360lawncare

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    Agree snapper has some good mowers... Seems they fell off a bit around these parts for a while but I have been seeing more on trailers lately.
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