NEW Hustler 36" Fastrak

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wolfman, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. wolfman

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    Has anybody bought a NEW Hustler 36" Fastrak or know anyone that has?

    What engine do you have - I would think the HONDA 16 would be excellent?

    What are the best prices say with the Honda 16 that anyone has seen?

    Has anyone demoed against the Gravely 34?

    I figured the Hustler wouldn't fit through gates as well but looking at the specs it is 35.9 inches wide w/ chute up (weighs only 552) vs. the Gravely 34 at 35.3 inches wide (but weighs 725 lbs).

    I have heard that the newer style integrated pumps that Hustler USES ARE A LOT BETTER THAN the older style especially with the cooling fans, fluid can be drained, and now have filters?

    The Hustler uses the Hydro-Gear EZT, what size compared to the 52 inch?

    I like that the gravely that has the seperate pump and motor BUT i have heard from one hustler dealer that he knows 2 guys that have a lawn service and have used the 52 inch Fastrak everyday for 2 years without any problems!

    Thanks for any info,
  2. krazy8

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    I have had the same problem making a decision between the 2 from my end. I have looked at both units and demoed both around dealers lots ( couldn't tell about mow quality). My opinion is the Mini Fastrak 36 seems to operate a little smoother with the controls(might be because its slightly slower unit). The Fastrak has a lower center of gravity about 5" shorter in height then the Gravely 34Z, and made me feel that the unit was much easier to handle. I liked the foldaway levers of the Gravely, but they seem to be to mounted to high felt ackward. The Fastrak had the anti-scalp wheels. They both seemed to be built very strong and quality looked very good on both units. The advantages to the Gravely were according to most people a better engine(Kawasaki 15) compared to Kohler 15 I saw. The biggest issue for me up to this point has been the Hydros, the Gravely guys say the seperate pump and motor IZT is commercial quality in the Gravely, compared to the EZT sealed unit from Hustler which is for Homeowner use only. Since my use will be mainly homeowner 1 1/2 acre use weekly I lean towards the Hustler, but something inside me tells me to spend the extra $200 and get the commercial machine. I know you commercial guys would be the people to get the feedback from, but I don't think anybody has the Hustler yet because they are so new.
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    We just got the 34Z for our gated yards. I can tell you this. Once you get aquainted with the controls it is a great little machine. It cuts really nice and has plenty of power. Take a close look at the 34Z and notice that it actually built like a rock! This is a swift, easy to manuver little ztr that i would highly recommend to anybody looking for a small ztr.

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