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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Sep 6, 2006.

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    I talked with a production engineer at Kohler today, someone that actually designs and test the latest versions of Kohler engines not a distributor or rep. He told me they were working on a 36 hp carburetored engine for Hustler at this time, I said why not an efi, he said they could get the carburetored engine on line quicker but he thought the 36 efi would probably be in production by 2008. I said if you will put me one together and get it on a Hustler Super Z that will handle it I will be more than glad to put it through it's paces. He then said I might see what we can get worked out on that, he emailed me so if I have any technical questions about the engines we could keep in touch. I really thought that was nice because I hate talking with people about products they don't have full knowledge of and this gentleman can answer any questions I would have about Kohler engines correctly.
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    A 36 hp efi is just what Hustler needs for the super Z for anyone that wants extreme power and good fuel economy without getting the diesel but I bet it will have a hefty price tag. I hope Kohler gets this engine totally right before they release it unlike the 30.

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