New Hustler Super Z vs Lazer Z Ultracut

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jun 13, 2006.

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    Well as some of you know I've been wanting to try out one of the new Hustlers. I took off a few hours today to test drive some and here are the results trying to be as unbiased as I can (I have bought 2 Lazers). Well first of all my Lazer Z has a 27 hp Kohler and a 60" Ultra Cut deck and the Hustlers were also 27 hp Kohlers with 60" cut (old style and XR7) One of them was last years model. The Hustler seems a little simpler machine. Looks like it would be easy to work on. Very heavy frame, deck, large front tires (air filled). It looks like the frame and wheel base are longer. I took off in the parking lot and the first thing I noticed was how fast that little hot rod was compared to my regular Lazer. (I know the larger Lazers xp's or xs's are a bit faster). The long wheel base and the large air filled front tires made it seem to ride better than the Lazer. They told me to go mow the lot in front of the building which had been mowed a few days earlier by the looks of it. I applied power to the deck and started mowing at full throttle. The grass was not that high so I expected from what I was hearing on this board that it would mow at the full 15 mph but the engine would loose cosiderable rpm's and would struggle at the faster speeds. I was only mowing from about 4.5 to 3 inches so I was surpised that it struggled at the higer speeds. The cut was ok but it didn't have near the lift that the Ultra Cut does. I did not try to adjust anything. No straglers but not a carpet smooth cut either. It mowed fine at slower speeds but it seemed underpowered compared to my Lazer. I think the larger pumps and wheel motors take some of the power that could go to the deck. It rode better than my Lazer but I give the Lazer the edge on handling in tight places. Any way I played around with them. Great feeling machine but It's no match for the grass around here at 15mph. All in all I left with a good feeling about the machine. I think the Lazer is a little more refined and definatlely has a better cut. I think the Lazer put more power to the deck and less to the pumps and motors. I think with a 35 hp engine the Hustler Super Z would be something else. If it had the front caster tires with suspension I'd say the ride would be superior to a Lazer. I still had a few yards to mow on the way home so I stopped and mowed one yard that hadn't been mowed in 11 days and it is thick matted fescue. It had a few of those stray weeds sticking up about a foot while most of it was about 7" or more (I'm just guessing). I opened my Z up and hit the ground wide open and cut her down to 3.25 " at full speed (10mph) and the deck seemed like an over powered monster compared to the Hustler. It was throwing fine clipping way out there and not missing a blade of grass. The deck made a jungle of matted fesue into a neat little carpet in no time flat. The engine never lost any rpm's to speak of maybe just a little at times. I'm going to have to say it would outcut the Hustler hand's down in the thick stuff and leave a nicer cut. Boy will I hear the flack over this. I know this is not a fair compairson. I have a regular Z with the old style Ultra Cut deck against a larger Super Z with the same sized Kohler and larger pumps and motors to move. I am very impressed with the Super Z quality, ride, construction. I don't know how it would compare to the Triton deck on the newer Lazer because I have never used one. I do know you could adjust the deck on the Hustler all day and it would never leave the cut or have the deck power of the Lazer. Then again it rode better, was faster, and you seem to get more machine for the money with the Hustler (such as the standard deluxe seat). I found a new mower that I like alot but also left feeling more satisfied with my Ultra Cut Lazer Z. The rest of the day cutting overgrown lawns I had a big smile on my face looking back at the fine carpet of grass I was leaving behind. If Exmark can't make a machine to keep up with the old Ultra Cut I'll be riding yellow next time (when they update the engine). Maybe the new Exmark comercial should be played to the tune of "I'm not as good as I once was" by Toby Keith. Boy I'm sure I'll get some flack from both sides on this post but just trying to share my experience today and maybe it will help someone wheather they agree or not. Just joking about that Toby Keith thing, I hope the new Exmarks are doing great for most. Two great companies with a slightly different approach to the comercial mowing industry.
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    i don't think that Hustler claims it can cut at 15 mph. yes, you will see post that say they can cut at full tilt, but they will usually say that it is in dry conditions or just a little trim.

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