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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tothmow, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. tothmow

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    I need some feedback on my purchase of a zero turn mower. I have narrowed by choices to a new Hustler Fastrak 20/52 or a used Scag Tiger Cub with 19 Kawi/48. The TC is a year old with 160 hours. Both are approximately the same price.

    I am cutting two acres with a pretty good slope (10 degrees) through much of the front half of the property. I am cutting only this one property about once a week (personal use).

    The Fastrak seems small/short (I am 6'0") although reading this forum that doesnt seem to affect performance. It seems like it would be a good choice for me but for the availability of the used TC.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. How do the two machines compare on handling slopes/hills?

    2. Would the TC tear up the turf more because of its added weight (or perhaps it would tear up less turf because of the larger/wider rear tires?)?

    2. Is the TC top heavy at all? Someone on another post said it was no good on hills because it is "top heavy) doesnt look top heavy to me and in fact Scag and the TC seem to have a reputation of being very good on hills in this forum.

    3. Is there any trim edge on the TC with the 48" deck and how would that compare to the Fastrak?

    4. I plan on towing some light equipment (spreader, dump cart etc) and the Fastrak seems very small/short (its even shorter than the Mini Fastrak). Do you think this is a problem?

    5. Cut quality - I would think the Cub would cut better since it is a full commercial grade unit. Am I mistaken in this?

    I know these machines are in a different class but I would rather get a better machine for the same price even if it is a little overkill for my application. I just want to ensure that the TC wont put me in a worse position considering that its used (160 hours in one year) and I dont know how it handles hills/slopes.

    I appreciate any feedback and thanks very much for the assistance.
  2. steve45

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    I think either one will work well for you. I'm partial to Scag, but I almost bought a Hustler. What engine does the Fastrak come with? Do you need a grass catcher? How close are your dealers?
  3. tothmow

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    The Fastrak has the 20 HP Honda. There is also another Fastrak (I think an '06 leftover) with a 20 HP Kohler that is about several hundred $$$ cheaper. The Fastrak with the Honda and the used Tiger Cub are approximately the same price.

    The Hustler dealers are about 30 miles from me and there is a Scag dealer about 10 miles (although the dealer with the used Tiger Cub is also about 30 miles).

    I wasnt planning on purchasing a grass catcher at this you think one has an advantage over the other with respect to grass catchers?

  4. Mic_bug

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    160 hrs in a year is low! hours.
    FOr a home owner...almost like new, if the price is right.

    either the husler with a honda or the scag are excellant choices.
  5. steve45

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    A grass catcher was an absolute MUST for me. When I was shopping two years ago, Hustler didn't have one. I think they have their own now.

    If you NEED one, see if it has a blower or just a catcher on the side (not a good choice). If you don't need a catcher, don't worry about it. I'd probably take the Honda over the Kohler, but parts are expensive for them. Avoid the Kohler 'Courage' engine, the 'Command' series is good.
  6. st4rs4ndstr1p3s

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    Yes Scags can be a bit top heavy on slopes, but 10% is nothing to worry about. you start worrying when the slope is 20-25%. Do yourself a favor, get the Scag, even if its 1 year old (160 hrs) thats nothing either. you will easily get 7+ more years out of that TC if you are only mowing one property with it. I bought Scags because I run a lawn care business I need dependable equipment. By the way, that Hustler is more geared and marketed to the Harry D. Homeowner.
  7. stonny9

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    You are 7 years too late on this post. Better luck next time.

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