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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by The Good Earth, Jun 9, 2001.

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    It is all starting to come together!!!:D

    Last week we picked up our new Hydromulcher, a Turfmaker 900. After the rain stopped this week we got out and got some ground prepped and started shooting. Wow!! What a machine. I am so impressed with this machine. I can't believe what it is capable of. The thing is a horse, strong as an ox.

    We started our biz 3 years ago and have done maintenance and small landscaping gigs. Never really thought about going big until an excavating company called us last fall and asked if we would be interested in doing some work for them the following spring (they got our number from one of our old, very respected customers). So we gave them the aw shucks, what you got in mind routine. To make a long story short they wanted us to hydroseed for them.

    We started looking around at different machines. This, by far, was the hardest thing about the entire process. I hate salespeople. Drive me up the wall. We compared by price, agitation process, and service. We tried a number of machines. The long and the short of this one is, don't even bother looking at a jet agitation machine. They are cheap for a reason. You will hate yourself for ever even considering one.

    We settled on the Turfmaker. Great machine and the people are very easy to work with. When we purchased our first ZTR I thought that it was the best investment we could have possibly made. Not even close now. This is, hands down, the best investment we could have possibly even considered.

    With the work we have lined up the machine is going to be paid off in about 2 weeks. Man, I am so pumped I can't even stand it!!


    I would go out and do cartwheels but I am way too old and arthritic!!:D
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    How much did it cost you? We are looking for a replacement machinne.
    What options did you get.
  3. The Good Earth

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    The total price of our machine was $21,363.90 but we got it with almost every option. The base price is $15,650.00.

    The base skid unit comes with an 18 hp Kohler, 125' of collapsible 1 1/2" hose, and 3 nozzles.

    Our options were:
    16' trailer with tandem 6000 lb. axles, turret tower on top of the tank, hose reel, and an extra 75' of hose with remote spray valve.

    You can check the website @

    What was really impressive with the machine was when we brought it home we put 7 bales of Conwed Enviroblend in it just to see if it would mix it. It mixed it with no problem and pumped it just the same. When you compare price and capability of the Finn, Bowie and Turfmaker the Turfmaker comes out on top. Hands down, in my own opinion.
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    Glad your happy with your purchase. There's plenty of good machines out there. My thoughts are I wouldn't purchase a machine solely on price. I would have to factor in routine and recurring maintenance costs and resale value as well. I've heard that steel tank machines need periodic rebuilding (every 5 to 7 years?) at a cost of several thousand dollars each time. The guy from the hydro turf planters association would know more about that.

    If you want to get serious, consider buying a heavy duty machine w/diesel engine, T-304 stainless steel tank and agitation system, Hannay hydraulic rewind reel. It would suprise you how affordable these machines are :)

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