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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by campo, Nov 11, 2006.

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    I am new in the lawn bussiness < but been snow plowing for over 35 yrs. now alot of my new customers want me to mow there lawns, I JUST DID A JOB the lot size 1 acre but they just wanted the front mowed and cleaned up house was vacant 4 months bad looking !! did the weed wacking removed ground cover wher mulch was supposed,weeds every were , It took 7 hrs 2 men , woman called sis it never looked so nice still have alot of wok there, What do you guys charge for a first time clean up I know its hard to say because of diff. regions just like snow plowing ! I was thinking Like 120.00 or am i to low ??? she wan`ts the whole place done every 2 wks. in the spring !! Thanks Campo!!! could use some help need to bill her today ???:confused: :drinkup:
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    120.00 may or may not be a bad price, how long is it going to take you to complete the work? Usually a 1 acre cut, trim, blow off in my area is around 55-60. So if your doubling that for a little clean up time and just doing the front? You might be inline with your pricing, besides, if it turns into a regular account it might be worth it to do a little more the first time around.
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    if your saying $120 total then yes its low but $120 hour, is on the high side. Charge an hourly rate for those 7 hours.
  4. d&rlawncare

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    No way I would touch a 2 man 7 hour job for $120.

    Thats 8.57 an hour.:hammerhead: (2 men times 14 hours total /$120.00)

    You will get alot of Biz @ that rate.

    My price would be from $400-625 depending on what all had to be done.....and what equipment I had to use.
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    When I bid jobs, I give a flat rate for weekly mowing. I've done this for awhile and I know how long it should take, anything special and I bid it hourly, I may give them a ballpark figure, but I make it clear that they will be billed hourly. I charge $90/hr for a 2 man crew. But I'm thinking of raising it, add on jobs are always labor intensive, and usually icky. I like everything to be very cookie cutter.
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    Right on....I have been bidding out all my jobs using that same amount for a 2 man crew. Lets just hope I estimate the time it takes me right. I dont give an hourly rate. I est my time and if I am wrong then its my fault. LIVE AND LEARN.

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    was it 7 hours or 14 (7x2) at 14 like DR said 8.57 --at 7 hours you are all the way up to 17.14 an hour. If you have tool to do the work (mowers, trimmers, rakes,0 and you drove a truck to the job and used gas--
    You would have been better off staying in bed that day- You may not know it yet but you lost money
    Depending on a few things-- you should charge between 40 - 60 an hour for work, FOR EACH MAN.

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