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New in Summit County Ohio

rider lawncare

LawnSite Member
Had a business for 4 years and sold it when I moved. Now I am back and starting a new company. Any one know a good equipment dealer in my area that gives a nice deal and does not try to rip you off?

Puddle of Oil

LawnSite Bronze Member
where in summit county do you live?

Puddle of Oil

LawnSite Bronze Member


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey rider its hard to get a good deal on good equipment. Exmark I would go to bath tractor about 15-20 mins away. If I break down they will help me trouble shoot over the phone. If I pull up with a problem they will come out and look at it for free and tell you how to fix it. If you need a mower they will give you a demo. They will steer you in the right direction even if its a cheaper one, they want you to make money they understand that. Everyone I have sent down there have been treated great. I'm in stow if you need something.