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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigd1634, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. bigd1634

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    I am planning on starting next spring in Northern New Jersey. I could use all the info that I can get before I get started. I would like to know on average how many lawns you cut a week, how much to charge, length of the season, and what do you do in the winter(off cut season). I was thinking snow plowing/blowing, and fire wood delivery. Also what else do you need in New Jersey for a business like this.(license, insurance, etc.) I know that the start of the business will be rough but it will succeed in the long run with some hard work. If there is anything that I missed please let me know, or suggest some other stuff for me.

    Thank you
  2. Gemini1971

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    Your first step is creating a business plan. You don't want to just "wing" it in this or any other serious business.
  3. hackitdown

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    Lotta questions...but...

    I am solo. I have about 40 lawn customers. I cut 40/wk in spring, maybe 30/wk in summer/fall. Maybe 20 Dethatch jobs in Spring, about 20Aeration/Seeding in jobs in fall. Mulch maybe 15 or so in the spring. Maybe 20cleanups in fall. Shrub and tree stuff and small projects whenever and wherever.

    I have another job for winter, but most guys around here plow.
  4. bigd1634

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    Being new I would like to know how many customers you cut each day. I was going to estimate it at 8 per day, so 40 a week. I figure 30 minutes or so per cut, and 30 minutes of travel. Some could be a little more some a little less. I figure 8 cuts will be roughly 8 hours, 40 cuts a week means 40 hours a week. Plus some other time for equipment clean-up, prep, etc. Does this average sound right to everyone. Also I figure a charge of 30-40 a cut for the Northern New Jersey area? Thanks for the help.
  5. guven

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    First Good luck , I am in North Jersey I started my business May 2005, I am solo also. First I read a lot about having business , You should visit
    you can find everything about starting business. it is a state web page.
    I have 56 clients, most of them bi weeky, I have a couple under price yard, next year I am going to raise my price little bit.I do over 80 fall clean ups ,18 snow removal, I do not have plow I use big 13 hp snow blower and shovel
    you can make money if you do not do lowballing
    good luck again
  6. martinfan06

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    Well from the broad range of questions my best advice obtain some experiance, work in the industry gain knowledge. This way after a year of toting a trimmer in 90 degree weather you can make SURE this is what you want to do, while answering your questions.

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