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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by MDPOutdoor, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Ok guys I'm back on here after a long long break! I looked at the Indiana thread and it had not been posted to in a long time so I figured I would try starting a new one. A little about me. I owned my own lawn and landscape company for 15 years. I sold it 4 years ago and started in the OPE business of selling the equipment I used for so many years. The company I work for is based out of Noblesville and we are working on becoming the premier provider of everything you guys will be needing from seed to equipment and everything in between. We grow and harvest our own sod, we sell chemicals and supplies as well as sell Toro, Ryan, Echo with more to come this fall.
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    Also from the north side of Indianapolis. Owned a company for 7 years, was acquired 2 years ago shortly before leaving for engineering school.

    After leaving, I took on the task of developing software to address many common issues we all experience with a single, simple solution. Currently looking for companies to network with to try it out for free and provide feedback.

    If you're a data driven entrepreneur looking to grow your LCO business intelligently and increase your profitability, DM me and I'll get you more information!
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    Lafayette based LCO we offer the full boat from fert to landscaping. Pushing 36 years in the business as family owned.

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