New Innovative 2 Cycle Oil Now Available

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    We are now offering a brand new 2-cycle oil that is completely safe for the environment, and has no smoke or smell. Forget about coming in the house smelling of 2-cycle oil, G-Oil, a earth friendly product has no smoke or smell. G-Oil is made using American grown base oils and nanotechnology to produce a superior lubricant. G-Oil meets and exceeds engine manufacturer requirements, and is API TC rated. This revolutionary oil reduces or dependence on foreign oils and if spilled will not harm your family, children, pets or the earth. It has the "ultimate" biodegradable ranking is completely degraded within 5 days. This product will eliminate carbon and oil residue on mufflers and spark arrestors. We took a 6 year old Stihl chainsaw that had used crude oil for it's life and ran it for one month on G-Oil. When we removed the muffler, the spark arrestor was completely clean and the muffler had no oily residue in it. The G-Oil cleaned the entire exhaust system. Check it out here:
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    Green Earth Technologies is pleased to present G-Oil Bar and Chain oil. This earth friendly product provides superior lubrication and leaves no harmful petroleum products on the trees or ground as you use it. Like all of the great products from Green Earth, it has received the rating of Ultimate Biodegradeable, the highest standard available. visit or for product details. If you have questions or need additional information, please email me directly. These products are available for sale at . Save the Earth - Sacrifice Nothing!!

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    tell us about the nanodes please how does this work and where do they go. try some veg oil in the bar next time?? we have done it for 12 years...........
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    thats expensive!!!

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