New Install of a Modular Element

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Ajax, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Ajax

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  2. FDuce

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    That looks amaizing! I'm going to be the first to ask the obvious much does something like that cost??
  3. Ajax

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    Thanks much. My company builds the modular fireplace, not sure what the contractor charged for installation of the whole patio and fireplace. You can check out our website to find the closest dealer in your area to get exact pricing for you.
    Fireplace MSRP-7750.00
    Wood Box Set MSRP- 3360.00
    Hearth MSRP-810.00
  4. Lawnworks

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    Wow... it looks incredible... but the price seems a little high.
  5. Ajax

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    Thanks. It's not cheap, but keep in mind those are retail prices, and installation takes only a few hours. The hardest part is pouring the concrete footings and pad.
  6. ambersLawnmowing

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    That looks Great. Noramlly i hate the outdoor built in because they look like a free standing chimney, But this one looks like money..

    As for the price, I think a local mason could build it alot cheaper then that?? Just my 2 cents..
  7. Ajax

    Ajax LawnSite Member
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    Full masonry looks awesome, but I think my product is a nice option. In and out with only a total of a few hours labor, and still the ability to customize with features like different colors and accent types, granite tops, and lighting. Little to no training involved to install as well.

  8. skidster32

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    those are unilock mods, they come prefab from unilock............with the flu in place. unless u work for unilock?
  9. Ajax

    Ajax LawnSite Member
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    I work for Harmony Outdoor Living, we manufacture and provide Unilock with the MODS. We sell exclusively to Unilock in their territory, and they buy our product exclusively. I think that means we are dating? We help sell each others products. We were an authorized Unilock contractor before we pitched this idea to them. You are from Bloomington? I have been traveling around doing contractor lunches and seminars with Unilock at different dealer locations around the Chicago area. You should check one food.
  10. TXNSLighting

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