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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenworldh20, Aug 1, 2003.

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    this will be it for pics for now...i am so busy with commerical installs, commerical bids, residential bids and baby matthew, life is going 100 mph!!!

    anyway, i wanted to share this project with the board. the home is located in creskill, bergen county, nj. very upscale neighborhood. we did 16 zone install. system has 1'' copper plumbing coming out of home, 1-1/4" main line around the home. system consists of hunter pgp's, hunter pgm's, hunter pro sprays, hunter icc timer, hunter wireless rain clik & hunter pgv valves.

    we just laid sod today, and it looks great. i will download pics of sod tonight and post tomorrow. for now, here are some install pics from yesterday.

    system took 1-1/4 days for us to install.

    creskill one.jpg
  2. greenworldh20

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    this is a pic from the back property line. home is situated on an acre. there is a swell in the middle of the back lawn area. when it rains, they get massive water from the neighbor's property. we acutally picked up the neighbor for a service call.

    creskill 2.jpg
  3. greenworldh20

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    this is a pic of rueben (machine operator) and oswaldo (helper) installing poly laterals. during the summer when the ground is harder over here, i like to use my vermeer lm-40. it installs the pipe with ease in rocky terrain. i don't know how irrigation contractors use anything else.

    the vermeer has a boring attachment and trencher. all in all, a great machine.

    creskill 3.jpg
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    this is the backflow. watts 800 m4 with freeze protection. we use a licensed plumber to bring water service outside, install brass shut off valve, backflow and blow out drain (boiler drain).

    coming out of the backflow, we went into 1-1/4" pvc to the master valve. then after master valve, we ran a 1-1/4" poly main around the home.

    creskill 4.jpg
  5. greenworldh20

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    here is a pic of our landscape division unloading riverjack stone. the stone is being used in the swell in the back yard area.:alien:

    creskill 5.jpg
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    Thanks again Greenworldh20 for the Great Pics !
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    Great pics Brian. Nice homes you get to work on.

    A couple of comments though. The PVB looks like it is 3/4", not one inch. But you had stated that it was 1" coming out the home and a 1 1/4" mainline. Did you reduce down from 1" to a 3/4' PVB and then back up to 1" again and once again to 1 1/4"? If so why? It may just be the picture looks like it's 3/4".

    Also with our codes in Colo Spgs, they will not allow a boiler drain before the backflow protection outside the home. Home owners could attach a hose to it and not have protection. We tend to use an ell that has the little drain cap you can screw off. A drain is installed in the basement near the ball valve though.

    Not trying to jump your case. Just a couple of observations I noticed right away. Keep up the great work.
  8. Mark B

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    The boiler drain might have a vaccum breaker on it. It would serve kinda the same purpose. I think I'm thinking right. The hose bib to the right has one on it.

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  10. Ground Master

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    great pics.

    I always run copper pipe after the pvb into the ground. I think it looks a lot better and the sun will degrade white pvc after awhile.

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