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    first i'd like to say this site has been a great help to me with helping the professionalism of my biz. i do maintenance,renovations,fert programs etc..but no new installs. my ? is what do the builders want out of a landscape install. grade,seed or sod,irrigation,making beds,plant install etc... my 2nd ? is if seeding a new install what is the best technique hydroseed,seedslicer or spreader i've seen installs done all 3 different ways. i'm looking to talk to some builders real soon. thanks for any advice. :)
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    It's been my experience that 90% of builder want the least amount of green that will still get them their occupancy permits. Most states /cities have a minimum amount of "green" that is required before the house can pass final inspection. If you want to hook up with a builder make sure it's somone that does custom homes and not one that builds cookie cutter homes. I have a builder I work with that builds two or three custom homes a year and I do most of his install. IMHO
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    i have found the same thing.
    builders are trying to maximize profits, and don't give a crap about landscaping.

    they leave that up to the homeowners.

    here's an example:
    we just started landscaping a $650,000.00 home on the water. 3/4 acre lot with not a single tree, no grass, etc. just flat dirt. The contractor had a $1500.00 landscape budget. For this size home and lot, that would not even pay for grass seed.

    The owners are having him refund the money to them and they are dropping about $20K on the landscape. in two years they will be finishing the design ( another $15K or so)

    i always try and use the 10% rule. To get a NICE quality landscape, plan on spending about 10% of the house value (our average is about 7.5%)

    contractors freak when you give them the figures, but think nothing of putting in $25K worth of cabinets.

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    Thanks for the insight fellas that explains why i always see homes with cheap mix blend grass and a couple of evergreens. yardpro,when you say coastal n.c. where are you out of i lived in wilmington for a few years and i fish all the time out of morehead city.

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