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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I have an older customer that needs a better system. I might be redoing the entire system next week. Right now it is 4 zones with mixed heads, too far apart, no head to head, etc. I really, really, REALLY, do NOT want to do a whole new install. If so it will be 6 or maybe 7 zones. I am thinking of pushing the idea of converting to MP Rotators instead. I can get more heads per zone and probably be able to only use the 4 zones. Maybe hand digging one near the manifold as it is a tight shaded area anyway - micro climate zone. I may leave one large area as rotors and just change the heads to 5000s.

    I'm also thinking of trying the Smartline at all of your suggestions :) Not sure of the weather station though. This would allow me to change the monthly percentages so I don't have to go back and adjust when it gets hot and dry. I'd like to try both these products and this might be the right place.

    I may also try to find a video cam and take before and after videos. We've discussed many times about the MPs and the SL. Any quick thoughts or suggestions?

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    If you use the weather monitor set the MP zone precip rates at .3 or .4"/hr. Just make sure those MPs get long run times. My catch can tests are rarely over .3"/hr
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    You have a real opportunity to fix this system by converting/adding MP Rotators. Document it well..... before during and after pictures. And then a month later pics of the improved healthier turf and plants. And a smiling customer testimony.

    It's a great marketing tool so you can get future work. Use it in an ad campaign for upgrading under-performing systems.
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    One of the only drawbacks to the MP is it's low precip. rate, "the sprinklers
    were on for hours."
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    You're right, they do have to run longer. Most HO's overwater anyway, probably make them feel better that MP zones do run so long:laugh:

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