New irrigation installation being installed thursday, any advice?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ls3c6, Jul 17, 2012.

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    What do you do when the area is 40' wide, install three rotors and crank them down or use sprays?
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    so, boots and or pete, what is the max zone size for each meter?

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    For me 12-15 on a 5/8 depending on pressure up to 30 on a 1" above that 1.5" and when you get to 70gpm I refer you to a buddy.
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    thanks, pete

    i can guestimate a pump system but have never figured meters below 1.5 and that's for small ag irrigation
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    If I needed 20 gpm from a 5/8 (old-style) meter, I use it, and sucks to the water company - those meters are built like tanks
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    now that you're installed, what's the verdict?

    zones? throw? coverage? time? happy? piss'd?
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    well it's finished, ended up with 6 zones and 34 T3 heads. SL800 controller and SLW15 wireless weatherstation.

    All but 2 heads hit each other during operation and primarily 2-3gpm nozzles were used, anywhere I place a rain gauge I get .4-.5" per hour.

    I have it set to auto with clay type soil, .5" per hour and will let it decide runtimes... it's been calculating temperatures but not defecit yet, might take a few days of data and resorts to standard until then?

    Only gripe I have is a lot of the yard got torn up, I have new topsoil and seed in the places where the valve boxes and whatnot went, pretty much an awful time of the year to grew new grass so i'll deal with it more come sept 1

    Also wish weathermatic had a WIFI / app control I could use my phone/web as the device.
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    the only pay we get are the follow up posts, thanks.
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    Those bare spots disappear fast. What type of turf again? Just make sure all is level including the valve boxes. Look for settling. Take a soil sample and put it in a jar of water and shake the dickens out of it and see how it settles. Never a bad idea to send a sample in to the extensiOn service for analysis. Might as well make a science of this. You seem to have those qualities.
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