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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PRBlocker, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Hey, I just added another zone to our sprinkler system and noticed this one has been leaking at the last sprinkler head. When I shut down the system, the last sprinkler leaks out the remaining water from the pipes. However, it seems to be a lot of water. Is the leaking normal? If so, how can the water be redirected or reduced? Also, am I supposed to use a special sprinkler head since it is the last one(and lowest) on the zone? Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, PRBlocker
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    If it's down any kind of slope, it's what's called "low-head-drainage", gravity
    draining after the valve has closed. Most heads are available with low-drain
    check valves & can retro into existing bodies, some, like Hunter, can be
    installed into existing guts. If it is low drainage, be prepared to replace the
    guts as the line climbs up the slope. If in freezing area..think compressor
    winterize..otherwise popsicles!

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