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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by greenscapes inc., Mar 24, 2007.

  1. greenscapes inc.

    greenscapes inc. LawnSite Member
    from Utah
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    Finally my truck is finished!! 2007 Isuzu NPR with the 6.0 Gas. Picked it up on thursday and drove it back home almost 800 Miles. I have been installing trimmer racks and a few other things today. I was pretty impressed how it drove home. The only down side is the best MPG I got was 8.2

    isuzu 005.jpg

    isuzu 001.jpg
  2. PearceLawn

    PearceLawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Man is that sweet!!! I hope you have good luck with it and just so you know, I am officially jealous!!!

    Stay safe.
  3. JG Landscaping

    JG Landscaping LawnSite Member
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    Very nice!...(yet very thirsty)
  4. greenscapes inc.

    greenscapes inc. LawnSite Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 137

    I got it loaded up and snapped a few pics.

    loaded 003.jpg

    loaded 002.jpg
  5. Lawn Enforcer

    Lawn Enforcer LawnSite Silver Member
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    Nice lookin' truck and mowers. If you don't mind me askin', how much did that set ya back?
  6. Kickin Your Grass

    Kickin Your Grass LawnSite Senior Member
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    It looks great! How much did it set you back?
  7. syzer

    syzer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Very nice, why did you prefer not to go diesel?
  8. Duekster

    Duekster LawnSite Fanatic
    from DFW, TX
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    I would say mid twenties. I priced one with a custom Box on it and it was in the low 30's.

    However, it looks like he Bought it from Deere.
  9. greenscapes inc.

    greenscapes inc. LawnSite Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 137

    I paid a little over 29k with the fold down sides and all the trimmer racks. 20 Ft bed.
    The diesels are about 4k more. Diesel is more expensive and they only get maybe 12 or 13 mpg. The gas motor has more horse power and just a little less torque.

    It was just more economical to buy a gas. Yes a diesel will last longer but I could drop a new motor in when this goes out and still be cheaper than the diesel option. Not to mention it alot easier to find parts for a 6.0 Chevy.
  10. Flow Control

    Flow Control LawnSite Bronze Member
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    So gas is 8mpg and diesel is 12-13mpg? If you take 8 x 1.5 = 12 so a savings of 50% if figured that way or 33% the other way. I am seasonal but we average 15-20K miles per a truck for the 7-8 months. So it would be a savings of 412.5 gallons - 550 gallons or $1,175.63-$1567.5 per a truck per a year or $5878.15-$7,837.5 over 5 years (plus the labor cost of having your guys at the gas station and not making money), I realize that maintenance is more on diesel and the selling point of the truck was the bed and you are on a budget and I would have done the same thing by not going over the budget but if one can afford the diesel and can do the maintenance themselves they are a good option to consider.

    Congrats on the new truck, was not trying to be negative if I came off that way I did not mean to

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