New JD backhoes!

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Scag48, Jan 31, 2001.

  1. Scag48

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    John Deere has just released (I'm not exactly sure when) their new G series backhoes. They seem to look pretty nice but I haven't gotten much information on them yet. From 1 picture I saw of one, I think they kinda look like a Cat. I couldn't really tell because it was a small picture and it didn't have much detail. Watch out Cat, Deere's catchin' up!
  2. cat320

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    scagg the new cats have controls like that of an excavator in the backhoe postion of there new loaderbackhoes.Look real good have not seen the deeres but have seen pics of the new M series from Case.
  3. Guido

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    I don't think they're trying to............An article I once read talked just about this, how John Deere takes CAT in the farm and landscaping end of the market, but CAT will always dominate the heavy construction side of the house.

    We use both and Case but I like CAT the best when I'm doing real equipment work. Its a tougher all around machine. you said about the backhoe, its a really nice setup. We have mostly cases but started buying some new JD's about 2 or 3 years ago. Nice wobble stick controls compared to the old cases we're using!!

  4. Scag48

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    Cat320-Someone finally figured out to put joysticks in a backhoe. That will make just about anyone more productive, unless you're really used to wobble sticks. If I had the choice of wobble stick or joystick, I'd pick the joystick. I'm used to running excavators so anything that will make a backhoe more like an excavator will help me.

    Guido-I guess that Cat dominates the heavy construction part of business but John Deere doesn't have that bad of a backhoe. Who knows, maybe the new G-series will have something to offer. The E series was a huge step for JD backhoes when they came out. They were so much better than the D series and the C series. I'll guess we'll see if they can run with the big dogs. :)
  5. diggerman

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    I went to Intermat in Paris 6yrs ago and there was a co. called hydrema that make a awsome tractorhoe with joysticks. So every time they would call from the cat factory to ask about the tractorhoe i had and what could make them better i'd say look at hydrema and even went so far as to fax them a brocure.Take a look at
  6. travis strecker

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    i ran a 310sg jd last summer and it will whip any backhoe
  7. Tevi

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    JCB has used joysticks for awhile.With thiers they are seat mounted and you can spin the seat in any position and work the backhoe.Soon everyone will have 4 whl. steering like JCB
  8. Tigerotor77W

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    Everyone has preferences... me personally, I love Cat B/Ls, but who knows. I'm not sure that any one company is better in every area than every other company -- otherwise, that company would have a pretty damned big monopoly going.

    Deere "catching up?" I think they've been chugging along just fine. Their dozers are kicking major ass and their new wheel loaders are pretty sharp. They have got some major afficionados going -- many of whom used to be Cat people. As far as I'm concerned, Deere's already on par with Cat quality. Just a matter of time if Cat doesn't seriously do something innovative.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    John Deere has come a long ways in the excavation market now that they teamed up with Hitachi. I'am starting to see Deere excavators (trackhoes-shovel hoes for the americans) used here by the excavation contractors. Hitachi dominates the market here in excavators same goes with Case rubber tired backhoes.

    Mini excavators is where the money is any machine in the 10,000-18,000lb range does more excavating than a rubber tired backhoe can. The land is steep here a backhoe just can't work on the slopes also rubber tires do not do well when working on sharp jagged rock.

    One of the local excavation contractors I work for time to time does alot of work with the EX-60 Hitachi.

    The logging contractors are buying the John Deere 330LC excavators the one contractor is pleased with them so far.

    As for controls I'am a joystick man I have troubles with wobble sticks I find my arms fatigue too fast with wobble sticks. I also have troubles feathering the hydraulics I guess a person gets used to it.

    You can tell which operators that run backhoes all the time because the crotch of their jeans is worn out from having your legs spread apart :laugh:

    Those old case machines with the muliple sticks and foot pedal swing your legs are spread apart were the worst for ripping the crotch out of your jeans.
  10. travis strecker

    travis strecker LawnSite Member
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    jhon deere is now making joy stick controls

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