New Jersey association that you may be interested in..

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    I recently joined an association called the Golf Course Equipment Technicians association of New Jersey. I know the Golf course part throws you off.. But listen , Check it out..... It s got a very modest membership fee... and what they area about is keeping up the knowlege of power equipment techs .. It's geared toward s golf course equipment, but we use alot of the same types of mahinery and the operating priciples are the same, SO I thinks it s very beneficial association to be a member off.. They put on classes thruoghout the year except summer, cause that s the golf busy time, they are serious all day classes,, like in diesal engines, hydraulics, electrical systems, welding, etc.. If anyone is interested pm me or email me and I'll get you the info on it... I think its' worth checking out for those of you in New Jersey...

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