new jersey seeding contractors up the creek this season

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Sep 11, 2002.

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    i am from n.j. also and i think that we as applicators/renavators are somewhat in danger...

    with the current restrictions NO WATERING for over seeding...well i have 16 clients to aerate oor aerovate and seed and with no watering and the mim. amount of rain i think the seeded jobs will look like a "bad hair plug job" ...last fall i aerovated and seeded a small park and with no watering and very little rain (total of 2" of rain from sept 14 to nov 17 2001)and it looked like ****.the only area that the seed germinated was the holes from the aerovator...
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    Tall Fescue New Jersians are up the creek. Tall Fescue likes warm conditions & it's getting cool right now.

    How about Bluegrass? For folks who take this route, they can start now. Blue will wait for rain without hassle. If it get's wet, but not enough to "get it up", all isn't lost. Unlike most of the "big seed" grasses, Blues can start & stop the germination game with little mortality. Blues can even sit all winter & then germinate in the spring. But don't forget & treat with a Pre before the seed's established.

    That said, if a lawn is mostly Tall Fesce, I wouldn't go introducing Bluegrass. The texture shift wouldn't be too easy on the eyes.

    Rye & Fescues can't handle the stop/start germination cycle like Blues without significant losses.

    Just a thought.


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