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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Mylawnwi, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Bru75

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    Yeah, that too.
  2. Meezer

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    Well newbie, since you agree with Op that would make you a part of a very small minority:hammerhead: I'm just calling it the way I see it:laugh:
  3. jsb025

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    Meezer, will you please restate any of your "constructive" criticism that you have given along with any examples of things that could have been done to improve this job? Maybe I have overlooked something, so here is an opportunity to bring it to light.
  4. nepatsfan

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    I am in the minority too I guess:waving:
  5. Meezer

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    Yes, you overlooked quite a bit. Go back & reread the posts.
  6. Meezer

    Meezer LawnSite Senior Member
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    Good for you:laugh:
  7. jsb025

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    Wow, that is definitely on the low side.

    Do you plan on doing stuff like this as a hobby or are you going to do this FT as a business?
    The tightwad will keep stringing him along to see how low OP will go.
    hey OP did you get the project?? If not, theres a guy in your town, West Dundee, IL that needs some help:
    It seems from reading your posts that you have no idea what profit means in terms of running a legit business.

    So what happened to the the profit part?????
    It is quite obvious with your immature rant that you can't accept any constructive criticism at all.

    I really feel bad for the legit contractors out there in the Western burbs. They now have another jackleg to contend with
    Yes, you are very immature. Anyone reading your previous post can clearly see that. You should follow your own advice & go back to school. The fact that you have no clue on what the differences are between ones labor costs vs profit is quite revealing

    That's right Bru75 you have OP pegged dead on.

    He complains about people lowballing, charging $15 a lawn. So he decides to jump into hardscapes by lowballing bigtime & that's somehow okay in his little world?????


    You do realize that by pointing out the VERY obvious that it would brand you, as it was done to others, according to OP, a basher

    My dear Mylawnwi,

    Since you've been busy checking out our website, you can easily see that part of our service area happens to be the "Greater Chicagoland" area. So as you can see Pilgrim, your lowballing does affect our company as well as other legit contractors in the area.
    Don' see any haters, just constructive criticism some of which you just can't take
    Well newbie, since you agree with Op that would make you a part of a very small minority I'm just calling it the way I see it

    Yes, you overlooked quite a bit. Go back & reread the posts.

    Here are all of you posts. Which of them are constructive? Is it the one where you call him immature? What about the one where you essentially call him an idiot because of his definition of profit. I also took a look at your website and did happen to notice 10% discount on the final price. Where are you taking that cut? Profit? Labor? Material? Looks to me like you're doing one of two things: doing a little low-balling or being a crook (mark it up just to mark it down and call it a sale). It's alright, I think I've got you pegged as one of those guys who has to get the last word in or maybe you're just here to get some stuff stirred up. Either way, mylawnwi, your first project looks good and if it is what the homeowner wanted, nobody can complain. It also sounds like you've learned quite a bit from some of the posts on this board and will only continue to be successful. Good luck on your next project.
  8. Meezer

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    Well Newbie, you can play keyboard commando all you want. All it will do is get it thrown right back at you until the moderators step in & shut the thread down.:laugh: I stand by all of my posts & if you don't like it, KMA.:laugh:

    In addition, you can slam my website all you want. It brings us in a lot of business. And yes, like Walmart, Target, Auto Zone and thousands of other businesses around the country, we have "sales" and/or "specials", so what?? Oh btw, where's your website Mr. Keyboard Commando????:laugh:
  9. jsb025

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    Lol, Who is playing "keyboard commando" 14 posts on this thread? Second, I didn't slam your website, in fact, its quite nice. Maybe when my business venture gets to the point where I feel the need for one I will contact you for suggestions. I was simply asking you to point out any "constructive criticism" you might have made in order to negate my point. I see that you can't do that.

    Like I said, Mylawnwi, it looks good and keep up the good work. Btw, I'm sorry for hijacking your thread.

    Moderators, you don't have to shut down the thread. I've made my point and will post nothing further on this thread.
  10. PlatinumLandCon

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    Haha this thread is funny.... you undercharge and can't take advice from pro's. Leave the site if its too mean for you

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