New job & work management feature added to platform

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    We wanted to share we've just launched a new feature to help with job and work management within the platform.

    Some Features Include:
    • Create unlimited jobs and work items.
    • Categorize and schedule them.
    • Setup one-time or recurring jobs.
    • Tie jobs to your quote responses and invoices.
    • Share job details via sharable link.
    • Assign jobs to crews.
    • Optionally receive a daily email reminder for all jobs you need to invoice for the day after work has been completed.
    • Optionally & automatically send out confirmation emails to your customers the day before each scheduled job for them to either confirm or cancel.
    • And much more...
    Start your FREE 14 day trial by clicking here (no credit card required). Use coupon code lawnsitespring when setting up your subscription to receive 30% off your first month.


    As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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