New John Deere JX75 vs. older JX75 - differences??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by satireirony, Jun 17, 2007.

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    I noticed that around 2004, John Deere changed their JX75 21" mower slightly.

    The four wheel height adjusters became just one at front and one at back. The rear bag got a wind sail-type "bag full" indicator trinket. The front wheel "humps" of the aluminum deck became larger and more rounded (which leads me to believe that JD recast the deck) and the tapered vacuum bulge of the deck seems to be a bit more rounded or aerodynamic. It's at about this time that they dropped the JX85 commercial version as well.

    My question is, did the mower change in any other ways? Does it still bag as well as in previous years? Is the cut still as refined? How is its vacuum action compared to 2004?

    And how do you folks like the pre-2004 Kawasaki vs. the current Kawasaki that is on the JX75?

    I'm familiar with the pre-2004 JX75, and wonder whether the current version is still up to snuff, or if they've cheapened it, ruined it, or made it even better in some ways. Thanks!
  2. satireirony

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    I guess I can answer my own questions now. I had a JX75 circa about 2000, and now have a 2007 one.

    Except for a tendency to leak clippings out around where the bag meets the deck - a common problem with the current crop of half-arsed bagging 21 inchers from virtually ALL manufacturers - the new model seems mostly fine compared to the older one.

    The new deck may vacuum better. The cut seems fine. I assume the deck is new because they had to recast the old circa 1988 one. The controls are roughly the same. Overall the mower seems lighter and not quite as heavy-duty, but that's subjective. The new Kawasaki seems louder than the previous one. It'll be interesting to see if the new Kawis hold up as well as the older ones. I do know that there was an issue with head gaskets a couple of years ago.

    I just wish the bag didn't blow clipping like a sieve around its perimeter.

    Why don't bags fit as snug as they used to?
  3. dwc

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    My newer style bags much better than the older and the bag is much larger as well. I do not like the extra length of the mower, especially in those small backyards. The wheels on mine do not sit the same height when on concrete, not so much of a big deal in the lawn. One plus on the new models is the adjusters actually set in steel holes instead of aluminum. The transmission is nowhere near strong enough for the extra weight of the new models. I had enough troubles with them out of the old style but the new ones can eat a transmission in no time! The actual rubber tread on the tires is a improvment over the plastic stuff on the old style. I have no complaints about the new Kawi's, they are as tough as bullets just like the old ones and plenty of power.

    Overall the mower is fine and I would probably buy another one if I have to. It is a little too "homeownerfied" for commercial use, but it is still more user friendly than other brands. I just have a few gated back yards that I have to use the 21's on now and want to get a 32" soon and have a true commercial mower and do away with 21's.
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    very good rewiew! i also agree they homeownerized it too much. i liked the fact that the old jx75 looked tough enough for commercial use (and was!)still miss the jx85!

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