new john deere mid mount


Has anyone seen the new JD midmount<br>ztr? I'm looking for some info<br>on it. Any comments about its<br>perforance?


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I have seen the new JD ZTR. It looks good. The tractor is made by Yazoo/Keys, powered by Kohler 22 or 25 HP. The deck loock tough. 7 guage stamped steel and reiforced. I am not a fan of stamped decks, but this one looks like it would hold up. I have not mowed with one. $7400 for 54&quot; with 22Hp.... little pricey!!!<br>


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I have a new Z with the 25hp and love it so far. The frame is made by Yazoo/Kees/Husqvarna. Then shipped to Raleigh, NC powdercoated and assembled there. I have cut my time about 1/3 of what it takes me on a walk behind. It is nice to set down. I choose the 54&quot; and so far it has worked out good. It has been out since Aug. but still nothing on the Deere web site. I choose a Deere because I have excellent dealer support and the resale value. I had a Kubota GF1800, good mower but just to slow. I now see what everybody is talking about with the Mid-Z style mowers getting popular. It now is actually semi-fun to mow.<p>Thanks,<br> John

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Ditto's to JTurpin. I got my Z-Track last year and this year will be adding the mid-mount. Our John Deere implement is the best for service! Yes John Deere is a bit more expensive, but I'll pay the extra bucks to have on the spot service and people who know what they're doing. They know that down time will cost us money.

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we have had JD mid mounts for years great mowers (757and 717a) we demoed the new 840 it had some cool features like a pto kill switch and deck lift in the control sticks.the rops are more out of the way when folded than the old 707 line but the new ground drive system felt strange the 26hp kaw. was not near enough power for the heavy new deere it bogged down very badly when you engaged the pto on hills and when taking off. The decks are still probably have the best cut for a mid mount mower out there.I think they have some bugs to work out of this new mower. our local dealer closed down so I was looking at these mowers in another town ...I didnt love the mowers and no local dealer support we went with a different brand from a local dealer


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You DO know that this is almost a 9 year old thread you dug up....right?