New John Deere Skid Steers now?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by WillieWonka1850, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. WillieWonka1850

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    I'm used to our Case 1845C which may be traded in soon.
    I agree it is about what your used to. When I first started working I found it weird to get in and out of the damn thing but now it's like nothing.
    I checked out a New Holland CTL today and if Deere is worse (according to Ron) then :eek:
  2. Fieldman12

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    In my opinion the Deere machines are very reliable including the older ones. For some reason only on this website I hear complaints about the older models. Everyone I know personally that has the 200 series and 200 series II loves them. Im about 5'10" and about 207 lbs. and have no problems at all getting in and out of the Deere. I actually think there fairly roomy. I have set in all the brands. Takeuchi in my opinion has the most room. I think the Cats are kinda cramped side to side. As far as where you put your feet I can not tell any difference than any of the other brands. I would own another Deere in a heartbeat. In my opionion they give you the most bang for the buck and resale is slowly going up. They have excellent lift capacity and are very reliable. I bet when the D series comes out they give Cat a run for there money. Im a big Cat fan myself but I have to give Deere the credit for the power and Cat the credit for the comfy cab. Soon Deere will have both power and comfort.
  3. WillieWonka1850

    WillieWonka1850 LawnSite Fanatic
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    Hey, have any of you guys tried a Bobcat CTL with the Roller Suspension?
    I've been wondering how it rides and I know it decreases lift capacity.
    If possible do you know how it rides compared to ASV/CAT suspension?
  4. ksss

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    I find both the Deere and NH about the same in seating position. Both are to me like sitting in a bath tub and equally challenging to get in and out of. Would that be a deal breaker? Probably not for me, but I would prefer having an easier to time getting in and out of it. Depending on what your doing with the machine would determine how much of a PINA it would be. If your not spending a lot of time in the machine all at once but in and out all day, that starts to suck. The seat belt activation, would be a bigger problem for me than getting in and out of it. That IMHO is a bogus design.

    I like the CASE as far as getting in and out. Pretty hard to make it any easier.

    If you own a 1845C you have one of the best skid steers ever made, trade into a 440 wheeled or CTL. Excellent machine, almost twice as much hp as the 1845C, 500 pounds more lift (wheeled) and very durable. If you have not run a 440, its worth a demo. Pretty amazing machine.
  5. WillieWonka1850

    WillieWonka1850 LawnSite Fanatic
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    Thanks. The 1845C has been very good to my Father and me.
    I did get a very short test drive of a 435, and I had a good testing of a 450 CTL and I liked them both. The 435 really grew on me after we checked it out so when we went to the Case dealer Friday they had one so it was like seeing an old friend. If we were to trade the 1845 for a Wheeled machine it'd be a 435 or 445. CTL: 440 or 445. The Case dealer actually had a 440 with a Cab and it was nice! Didn't drive anything, though :(
  6. ksss

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    You must be wanting Vertical Lift. The Series 3 machines in those models are greatly improved. The 435 especially. The 445 got what it has needed since the days of the 85XT and that was a turbo charger. The 440 really shines when you put it in the dirt. Its a whole lot of power in a small package. Did the machines you looked at have pilots or servo controls?
  7. nosparkplugs

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    I have rented to many skid steers over the years. If I were to puchase one I understand john deere makes some good equipment. The Cat 297C is the best machine to date I have run for comfort power, and lift capacity. The Cats ASV style suspension is second to none over tire or articulating wheeled skids. When the job is done with tracks I have far less turf damage, and extra cost of repairing that machine damage. I think for what you get John Deere is overpriced.
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  8. dozerman21

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    I'm 6'0 and I can fly in and out of my CT332 no problem. I actually think the cab is plenty roomy and I really like the overhead door. To me that's a huge plus, and I think Deere should have refined it rather than doing away with it, which is what I've heard. Having said that, I can see how someone would dislike the entry/exit if they had bad knees, back, etc., or if they were constantly getting in and out. I'm usually in mine for at least 30 minutes at a time or longer.

    What Deere should be focusing on is a better sealed cab, which I think they are. That by far is my biggest gripe regarding the cab. Deere also needs to change the layout of their hoses on the bottom of the pumps. They all criss cross somewhere, and I've had too many that chaffed causing me blown hoses and 9 gallons of fluid each time, along with a pump that burned up. Whenever I replaced one of those hoses I wrapped it in plastic hose coil and they still rubbed through.

    I work my machine very hard in rough conditions and I will say they will outpush and lift as good or most likely better than any CTL out there. They are workhorses but need a cleaner cab. Don't forget the extended warranty...:hammerhead:
  9. WillieWonka1850

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    Well here's something interesting I just found. that I thought I'd share.
    Check out this Caterpillar 297C. It's white! I know! I've never seen one in white!
    Looks kinda like a Bobcat if you ask me. Looks ok but I like the Cat yellow better


  10. Bleed Green

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    interesting wonder where that came from...

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