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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by LightYourNight, Mar 9, 2009.

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    Does it make sense outside of electrical theory?

    Do you believe that a distributor and or manufacturer get charged more for smaller guage wire?

    Do you believe that the industry is controlled by LAMP manufacturers and not by Product Manufacturers, Distributors, and Contractors (not in that order)?

    Do you believe that a 12v system is as or more efficent than 24v?

    Do you believe their spin that 120v lighting is 10 times better low voltage 24v?

    All I know as long as these letters keep coming it just means we are doing something right!!! Someone feels threatened. If LED's were so great they wouldnt need to attack us right????
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    Joey, this is where you just don't get it. These are not attacks by any of the manufacturers, they are simply comparing their mouse trap to yours. They feel that they have a better product or a better system and choose to show the differences and flaws. Are you trying to tell me that Unique has never compared their product to others??? Has Unique never tried to compare their brass fixtures to another manufacturers cheaper counter part to show it's superior??? It's called competition, not attacks.
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    Your correct Paul, I tend to get easily defensive. I guess since we are usually the only ones making the systems that seem to be "compared" to it is easy for me to view it as an attack. It is also how they are written. Us comparing Brass or Copper to Aluminum is a GENERAL comparison. Us comparing 24v to 12v is a GENERAL comparison. We are not singling anyone out. It is rare and I mean R A R E that we will ever go on an offensive at any one manufacturer (copy cat knockoffs are usually the target if and when we do and that is for obvious reasons).

    But going to back to how they are written. As I mentioned in the Kichler letter, it is easy to pass the letter off as just a comparison. But where it becomes an attack in my opinion is when they choose to ignore us being ETL approved and before the name Kichler they drop "UL/ANSI Approved" in front of it almost EVERY TIME. Leads the reader to believe we are not approved and therefore are not safe. They knew exactly what they were doing in writing it that way. And then topped it off with hat closing statement that our system is nothing more than smoke in mirrors. Call it what you want but at that point they are essentially calling us liars.

    In that letter by Alliance/Aquarius above it makes it seem as if we are ling to everyone, that 14/2 is more expensive or is the same price as 12/2? As for watts/watts argument that is just there lack of knowledge when it comes to energy consumption. But you see it easy for a reader to see that letter and take it all at face value and next thing you now we are painted exactly how they wanted to have us painted when writing that piece. Heck, you are an electrician and you see it as making perfect sense, what do you think a non electrician is going to think if that's the only thing they have to go by when it comes to 24v.

    We would much rather promote our NEW and EXCITING products then sit here on Lawnsite or at a customers place of business and constantly defend our self and our systems. But these "comparisons" force us to do so, then when we do guys try and paint us as bad guys failing to acknowledge who started the battle in the first place. Are we aggressive? Of course! But don't think for one minute that battling these guys system to system is how we want to spend our day. If they just would just send out letters promoting their systems and leave us out then there would be no issues and no hi jacked threads!!! LOL

    Maybe I don't get it, but one of these days maybe our competition that loves to go to battle with us will learn that when you name drip us and our system and paint it to be what it is not to benefit yourself that it will only hurt you more because we will always come with the facts.
  4. JoeyD

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    I meant name drop* above, not drip! LOL That last sentance is a run on but when read slowly it makes sense!! LOL

    Sorry for the hi jack guys. You know I am only hear to participate and help when I can. I hate when a thread turns to this.
  5. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    There is a market for integrated LED fixtures, but I am not buying until the manufacturers start putting more effort into the form these fixtures take, and until they build them so that they can be effectively serviced in the field.


  6. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    LED lamp technology is advancing and improving very quickly. New LEDs with outputs above 100 Lm/watt are being implemented, new heat sink technologies are being employed, and more and more beam spreads, intensities and formats are being made available. In another post I will show you what a MAJOR lamp manufacturer has recently released in Europe. The market for LED lamps is so much more massive than the market for integrated LED fixtures, just in retrofits alone is is a multi-billion dollar industry already. We are on the precipice of a major wholesale change in lamps, mark my words.

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