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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by northeastpropertymgmt, Oct 24, 2005.

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    I am just starting and am going to try and do fall clean ups. i came up with a little flyer to pass out to more people then i already have. i have 4 already but would like to have more so i can save for my truck and new mowers for next year don't be afraid to tell me what u think thaks
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    i have someone helping me with marketing, finances, etc. who ran several of his own side businesses over the years (not in landscaping) and i said about sending out postcards to houses in different nieghborhoods. he then asked me what do i do with flyers that i get from different businesses (windows, insurance, house keeping). i said i read them then throw them away. so if you sent out 100 flyers you may get 10 responses, which may be high. on one hand, you made 90 flyers that didn't do anything, but on the other hand, you got 10 new clients. maybe just try it and see what happens or make business cards and hand out a few to each of you present clients. i just started this summer and by handing out cards i met quite a few people, you may not get the work, but you're getting your name out there. it's pretty amazing how a friendly attitude towards customers can spiderweb to other potential clients. good luck with the truck.
  3. Where's the flyer?:confused:
  4. Ale put some pretty good stuff out there. Here's something you could try also, when making up flyers put a coupon on them to give potenial customers more incentive to call and ask for your services. Here's something I used
    "$25 first mowing 'up to 1/2 acre lot size'" I actually put this in the form of a coupon. I got a call today on it, he said he was only gonna have me mow the one time because he hadn't got his mower up to the property yet since he moved. I get there and the yard is a full half acre. Normally If I had to go out and measure the lot and give a bid I would have told the guy $100, because I normally mow about a 1/4 acre an hour. From unload to load it only took an hour to mow and trim the property, could be done quicker if not for wet grass and rain. I go knock on the door to collect my money, the guy comes out and asked how much to mow on a regular basis. Well I know how long it just took me and I also know that it can be done quicker, so I tell him $40 and he agrees to have me mow for next season.

    So the coupon not only gave him incentive to call, it gave me a way to know exactley how long it will take to maintain the yard.

    BTW if you want some good ideas for flyers go to Gophers website. They've got a lot of good marketing tools and info. This is where I got the flyers with the coupons on them. Gopher is one of the sponsors so you can find a link to their site on the home page.
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    If you put out 100 flyers, there is no way that youy are going to get 10 repies. That is, unless you are advertising that you are giving out $50 bills with every call, or something. be patient, and put out ALOT of them.
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    that's why i said 10 was high.
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    I wonder how that would work.... If you tell them if they sign up for the contract by a set date they will get a $50 bill. Say your mowing is for 25 weeks. Just bid the job at $27 a week vs. $25. I think you just have to have the contract very clear that to end the contract service there would be at least a $50 charge that way people don't sign up and then stop.
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    Try going to They have alot of choices for flyers and door knockers. The price isn't bad and the quality will make you look much more professional than your competition. Also try Church bulletins. I paid $400 for 6 months and got 10 customers worth over $700 a piece. Be careful not to over advertise and not be able to handle the work.
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    thanks for the advice. i will be doing more agresive adviertising starting mid to late winter. the problem is i dont have a car or truck so it limits my area to serve. i was going to just advetise fall clean ups and then do a more adgressive advertising for the full year thing mowing much all that stuff
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    I'm sorry,...I was just being fecicious when I said that.

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