New Kohler Aegis Torque Monsters...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. TLS

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  2. Richard Martin

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    The only problem with those engines is they are only horizontal shaft. This is a good thing for Exmark but a lot of the other manufactures use a verticle shaft engine.
  3. captdevo

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    the verticals are still high at 32.8 and 38.5.....

    these are some nice engines, they have certainly come a long way over the years!
  4. Keith

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    Anyone think next year's Exmark line might bring an Aegis powerplant to the table?
  5. TLS

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    I reall dont consider those two figures "high". Run of the mill 25hp A/C Kohlers are 40 lb/ft, and they are by no means considered a powerhouse.


    I don't know for sure if Exmark is going to offer this engine. They did let out a little secret a while back in their fourm about future powerplants. They didn't say what the secret was....but said there were changes in the mix coming soon. They have a lot of time invested with the Kawi LC design, and now with Kawi offering their LC'ds with EFI, the power race continues. Who benefits?....US!

    More POWER ! :D
  6. gorrell

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    The new 28 hp EFI vertical shaft comes in at 44 lbs/ft of torque. That's not too shabby........Lynn
  7. MONTE

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    Does anyone know how they stack up against the GENERAC or the new KAWASAKI efi?
  8. TLS

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    If you lean them real carefully, you can "STACK" them as high as you want! :D

    The 29hp DFI L/C Kawi looks to be quite an engine. I like Kawi's website, they show HP & TQ curves on a graph! Not just peaks like Kohler does. The new Kawi 29hp has a VERY flat torque curve, where my 27hp tapers off at the top end where WE need it most! This is the big advantage of EFI/DFI. It gets as much juice as it needs! Not too little, not too much!

    The GENERAC is Aircooled, and a 50-75 cc bigger engine. So I would hope it would feel slightly stronger.
  9. MONTE

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    TLS Thank You for the reply! I tried out a 27hp l/c kawasaki last tuesday and I was impressed with how quite and strong it is! The 29hp efi must just be awesome!
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