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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ptman, Jul 4, 2002.

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    I have a new Power Trac with the Kohler Command 25. The engine only has 14 hours on it but is using oil. Last night, I ran it for 3 hours cutting a field that had been bush hogged two days before. The owner wants to finish cut the field the rest of the summer. Anyway, the outside temperature was about 90 degrees and the engine labored a lot to recut the grass. I had checked the oil yesterday before starting and, today, I noticed that it took about half a quart to bring it back to full. Is this normal in these conditions? Seems excessive to me.
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    Almost without a doubt it is a blown head gasket. Kohler 25's are famous for that at very low hours. Both machines I have bought with the Kohler 25 have had blown head gaskets before they reached 50 hrs. I would keep a close eye on the oil consumption and document how much you add and the hr meter reading. If consumption does not stop by the 50 hr mark, or if it gets worse, get it back to the dealer. Mine started with slow oil consumption, but when it got up to 1 qt. every 9 hrs., I took it in for the dealer to fix.:)
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    You definetely blew a head gasket,get it in the shop ASAP.Mine did the same thing at 66 hrs.The infamous Kohler 25 is noted for this.

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