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Just bought a brand new kubota GR 2110 along with 54"mower deck and snowblower. Tractor has 1 hr on the meter.
Yes, I have contacted the dealer but I need independant advice from the experienced, here.
Problem: The tractor was delivered in my garage which has a new cement floor. I noticed the next day that there were oily spots on the floor. So, to doubly confirm, I put white paper where the spots were. Sure, it was clear oil. So, I got under the tractor to examine. Not only are the cooling fins on back of engine block, very oily but there is also oil on top of the block. The oil is clear colored, same as that on the dipstick. This is a diesel. My experience with diesels is that engine oil gets black immediately upon being poured into the block.

Question: Is this serious? Why this sort of a problem on a brand new engine? Do I have a lemon? I assumed I was buying the best. Any help is appreciated. Meanwhile the dealer will visit next week.

Also, I do not understand why the snowblower has a 'Security Chain' on its left side. One end of the chain has a cotter pin going thru it and into the tractor sub-frame. The other end has an S-hook attached but doing nothing but dangling.

Thank you,
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