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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Jan 16, 2001.

  1. Green Acres

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    Has anyone seen the new Kubota ZTR? I saw some info on them the other day at a local dealer. There is only two models to choose from right now. A 18hp Diesal with a 54" or 60" deck and a 21hp diesal with a 60" deck. We have a Kubota tractor that we use for seeding and mowing large areas and we love, it has 800 hrs on it and nothing has gone wrong with it yet. I think that the asking price for the 21hp is around $9500. If anyone has seen one or test drove one I would be interested in what you thought of them. Thanks
  2. dylan

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    I was waiting for someone to post this. The machine looks great. I saw it in Toronto and was impressed. All the other manufacturers were coming over to look at it and were trying to fiqure out how they could sell so many features so cheap.

    Things I really liked were:
    The front axle crank to jack the mower. way better than toro's and built right into the machine.
    21hp diesel
    Not as heavy as some of the other diesels out there.
    did not have separate pumps and motors but rather an integrated hydro transmission.
    shaft drive
    hydraulic deck lift
    cruise control (that's what they call it. The handles do not spring back to neutral but stick forward at your desired speed. Suppose to be easier than fighting the sticks all day.)
    low price (for a diesel)

    The guy was saying that they are hard to get already because people are signing up to buy them. (He is a salesman though) I would still be leary of buying a product in its first year.
  3. BigEd

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    Anybody know anything about the deck on this new mower,or have a picture.I checked the website and nothing about a ZTR there.I have ran the GF series for a previous employer on a very large commercial contract,and the machine was very reliable.Would like some more info.The dealer is only 20 minutes away,I think I will cruise up there.
  4. Charles

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    21hp. Scotty to captain " We got to have more power Captain I don't know if i can hold it much longer!"
  5. Skookum

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    Shaft driven deck? Seems alot of complaints I have seen here at Lawnsite about not enough spindle speed ending in not enough blade tip speed to cut good at higher ground speeds.
  6. gorrell

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    Thats a big 10-4 on that good buddy about the shaft drive. Belt drives definitely produce higher blade tip speeds and also, belts are cheaper than u-joints and shafts. IMO, Thanks, Lynn

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