new landscape installs?


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Akron, Ohio
I have never installed a landscape before, but I have installed lawns and retaining walls. The landscape project I am pricing out right know plan has allready been drawn up. What else do I need to know when installing a new landscape?
A whole lot of stuff. You need to know how to correctly plant your shrubs and trees, making sure they are not too deep in the ground and being able to find the crown of the plant and go from there. Do not always rely on the plans, i have had to make several changes to them because stuff just didnt work out like the designer put on paper, double check and make sure the type of plants will fit in the conditions, such as sun, shade, drainage, etc. The most common mistake i see is planting too close to a foundation. I like to give atleast 2 ft away if i can if not more than that, depepnds on what has to go there. Do not mound your mulch around the plants, if you have to create a crater around the plants so there is nothing touching the stems, or tree trunk, could easily lead to disease, or rotting problems down the road. If you want to, you can mix in a tad bit of starter fertilizer in the soil that goes around the plants, but most likely the nursery will already heavily fertilize the shrubs due to the spring season coming up, since its time to fert certain plants. There is probably many more things, but cant think of them right now. If i do i will add to it later.


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